Dummy fake security camera

Security is important aspects in human life, with security a good life is guaranteed. Guarding and protecting your home, market place, office or your workplace can be a tedious and laborious task. If you don’t have a clue of doing this, a security camera is the best for you. HIdden camera can serve you for maximum security with just minimum efforts. With this kind of camera, no single event that can happen without your knowledge. The Security camera is fitted with 1080p mini camera that can monitor during the day and night.

Hidden Dummy camera IR lights does not emit visible light allowing night vision of your choice. It is ble to capture and detect an image even in total darkness. The spy hidden camera has a capability of switching of day and night mode which depends on the brightness needed, where night mode is done through an application.

These security cameras are small and therefore can be put into pocket or clothes. This features makes it good for journalist or criminal investigators who want to capture images without being noticed. The camera is best since it can be attached to any iron part making its installation easier. Another feature of the spy mini hidden camera is that it is wireless and this make it easier to be used even in interior area’s, since its battery is chargeable.

Dummy fake security camera has a Notification of Mtion Detection Alarms which when it detects moving objects, this wireless spy camera can send a notification to your phone and retrieve a warning video stored on the SD card, so you can see or hear people in your home from anywhere.

Surveillance cameras have capability of 7*24h Wireless in live-streaming and monitoring such that you can watch the HD live streaming in the app for wifi cameras. With the spy mini camera, you can protect your home from thieves or your family from bad nannies or caregivers, regardless of whether you have one Using a mobile phone, tablet, windows computing device, you can record around the clock and watch the playback in an 7*24h Wireless Live Stream camera have an angle lens of greater scope vision to clearly see and interpret details. The scope makes this camera to produce high-quality videos as it is also fitted with secret camera for good recording and ease of operating.

It has a micro SD card where videos are stored whenever there is any motion. The camera allows USB connection. With this feature, you can transfer your data to your computer or phone if your SD card is full. The information kept can be used for future reference or any other time when there may be need to do so. You should not worry with its storage space as it is huge to allow data to be stored in larger capacity. The old videos are overridden as the new ones are being added and therefore it does not stop recording due to space being full in the SD card. This SD is portable and can be carried when you want to see videos in another place.

The Dummy fake security camera is easy to use and hide with a round design, can be fitted on to iron surface due to its magnetic nature. Places like iron sheet can perfectly hide this camera and a stranger cannot note whether it is there. Can suit at the places of your homestead which include garage, backyard, parlour, office, market or other sensitive place that require surveillance. Fitted with IOS and Android features which monitor real time and place. All the events are recorded as they happen at specific time and place without nothing being lost. Several users can be joined to share a single device which is a plus feature of this camera.

Price and affordability of this Dummy Fake Security camera are well looked at. Its price is friendly to your pocket and ships throughout the entire globe within some few days when ordered. You can enjoy discount upon large scale buying therefore saving some amount for other needs. Someone is also given 30 days money warrant if you have any issues with the product herefore, this outdoor security camera mera is easy to use and to install.

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