My review on Belkin Braided Lightning Cable (Boost Charge Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone, iPad, AirPods) MFi-Certified iPhone Charging Cable, Braided Lightning Cable, 3ft/1m, Black

Have you ever had issue trying to send some data from your iPhone or iPad to your laptop or Vic versa? Have you been stranded trying to send your photos from a system to your iPhone? Well, this review might interest you as its actually based on experience. Few months back, we have been struggling with getting a good USB cable that can charge phone as fast as possible. But we ended up getting the worst USBs ever as they wasted lots of time just to get a phone charged. Some of the USB we got then can’t even transfer our files, it was so annoying.

But today, we have been enjoying not just a fast charging but also we are able to transfer our files with little or no stress. All thanks to Belkin Boost Charge Braided Lightning to USB-A Cable for making this possible, because left for us, we have already given up on USB cables. Another problem we faced then was getting a durable USB cable and we know many of us are encountering the same problem. We have been using this cable for some months now and we haven’t seen any fault from it. Its still fast in charging as the first time we used it and in short, it still perform all its work perfectly well.

Belkin Boost Charge Braided Lightning to USB-A Cable helps you to charge your iPhone and iPad as fast as possible. It could be used on different iPhones such as iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus. This product could also be used on different iPad such iPad mini, iPad Pro (2017 and earlier). It even went as far as being compatible with your airpods, as it could be used on different types of airpods such as AirPods 2, AirPods Pro.

This Belkin product can also be used to transfer music, photos and data from any USB-A port with an MFi-certified connection.

These features makes it outstanding from other USB cables in the market. There are still other interesting features which it possess that you are yet to know. Just keep reading as we unveil those other features which will surely interest you.

If by chance you have had any of those issues listed in the first paragraph, then this product is actually for you. Or probably you are new in using any of the iPhone and iPad products listed above then certainly this product is for you. If you are looking for a fast USB for your iPhone and iPad then you should get this product already.

As said earlier, this product has other features which makes it unique from other products in the market. First and foremost, the cable of this product has an enhanced braided nylon making it not just attractive but also durable. We have had an experience where a newly bought USB was mistakenly cut a little and from there that was the end. But because of the nylon braided nature of this product even if it sustains a cut it won’t go as far as spoiling the entire cable, this is what makes it durable.

You know of course that you are advised not to bend your cables, you should always allow it stretched out. But it might interest you to know that this cable has been tested with over 10000 bends. This is to assure you of its longevity as well as its durability as this test was based on an internal bend test at 60 degrees.

It is equally available in different lengths and colors depending on your choice and taste. The lengths available includes, 3M/9•8FT, 2M/6•6FT, 1M/3•3FT, and 15CM/6IN. These differences in length gives you the opportunity to make use of it at different occasions. You can be using your phone while its charging from an outlet on the other side of the room making it more convenient for you.

So its left for you to make the choice of length depending on you what you need.

Different colors are equally available although black or white could be preferable as it suits any environment.

Other features that may interest you include; item weight- 2•08 ouces, product dimension-1×4×5•3 inches, special feature-travel, slim fit. This product could have just a limitation as it pertains to choice of color. Not all colors are shipped to a particular country, so you can only choose the one available in your country. You would definitely give this product a five star rating after using for a while.

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