ROLLING STONES Limited Edition 45 Record Display. Only 500 made. Limited quanities. FREE US SHIPPING

It is time to look at the past with gratitude, bring back your youthful experiences in a unique way. In some times back you might have done something that is worth being remembered on the recent time, this is the right time for you to make those memories fresh. It has been a norm for people to mark great times in their past by using every way possible, these include taking photos or even recording the event for future reference. For instance, you can take a picture of yourself now, and you will be able to show your children or great grandchildren how beautiful or handsome you were when you were a youth. This seems to bring back joy and fun as well as letting your young ones learn from who were in the past.

With this photo knowledge, classic rock collectibles, came up with an idea of taking a photo which they named, Rolling stones limited edition 45 record display. The image was taken during their 45th record which they now use as a display of the particular recording. However, the quantities are limited to only five hundred products made. This unique plaque serves the purpose of bringing you back the golden age when the rock and roll music was started. With this, you will obviously have to remember how your youthful days were and how you used to enjoy the music, the beat, and it’s tone.

Those feelings that you used to have then, are reincarnated, the retailing price was initially high but now reduced to an awesome super-low price that you can afford. This was made so to extend this commemorative to 24k. Therefore, you can get this Gold, forty-five record at a cheap price. The image measures 8 × 11 which is large enough to be seen even from a further distance. It is printed on a high-quality and premium glossy photo paper which makes the image look beautiful and appealing displaying every single detail of the image.

This premium glossy paper is resistant to wear and tear, therefore making the product quite durable. Gold clad record has a back that is opaque and scratch resistant thereby giving it a more dramatic presentation. This masterpiece the purpose of commemorating the Rock history and is part of the limited edition of 500 per a design. Additionally, the product measures 12 x15 x 1, with a weight of four Lbs. The item is well and carefully designed to suit your wall hence ready to be hanged.

Apart from its commemorative purpose, the image can as well be used in adding decor to your room since it is glossy and appealing. This is a perfect gift for your friends who love the rock and roll music. In addition, product is not only suitable for music lovers but also even the non-lovers. This Gold record was one of the best records that happen to have been made in the rock, and roll and definitely, there was a great deal to put it in history.

The item can be bought and be used by anybody regardless of their gender, age, or even race. There is no age-limit for users of the item, kids can find it appealing, youths can also use it in trying to learn about the past, whereas, adults find it pleasuring as it brings back their old golden days. The item is original and comes with a certificate of authenticity that confirms the product to be completely genuine without any alterations.

Gold record was made to the industry’s highest standards which is a unique and special salute to the golden age of rock and roll. To ensure the best deliveries, the goods are carefully packed and well secured to ensure you get them free from any alterations from their original condition.

Make your order now from wherever you are at a cheap price and you will receive the purchase in time at an affordable shipping price. Shipping is done internationally, but you will have an added advantage of you happen to ship locally because there is a free shipping service of the product locally.

There are other offers that come along with the purchase you make, these include, discounts, cash backs, gift wraps and many more. Bring your old pleasant memories to the present time in style, by purchasing Rolling Stones limited edition collectibles and you will have fun all day long.

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