Shredder for Home, Bonsaii 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Small Home Office Use, Portable Handle Design with 3.4 Gallons Wastebasket (C237-B)

Paper wastes are some of the most common trash at home and in the offices all over the world. In fact, they form a large percentage of overall amount of wastes an office disposes to garbage in a quest to maintain the cleanliness of that firm. Some papers are recyclable meaning that they can be taken to another factory as raw materials. Such factories include the tissue making factories who do the nice job of reducing wastes in the environment. However, there are papers or documents which can not be disposed off in the public eye. They therefore need special attention in order to keep the contents a secret. BONSAII PAPER SHREDDER is the ultimate solution for your disposing issue.

The BONSAII Paper Shredder is a special home equipment that can be used even in the offices. Its size is such attractive and convenient to carry wherever you want your papers and documents shredded. It comes in a black color nicely painted to fit the theme of its work so that you don’t need to be stressed cleaning it; wiping will do it good. A display window is also installed on its side to enable the user witness the activity of shredding as well as evaluating the size of wastes in it. This is an important feature that helps to keep your shredder functional without getting destroyed. Together with these, there are more features and usability of the shredder as discussed below.

Cutting ability of the shredder is an interesting capability the item can do for you within minutes. It shreds the papers fed into it with a single press as long as the papers are placed in the feeding opening. The staples that might be present on the documents placed into the equipment are nothing to worry about. This machine will work on the items loaded into it without having failure even if these foreign materials are entering with the load. The glass window on its side will reveal the pieces your feed has been turned into. There will be a pile of the end product in the collection bin as small as 13/64. They are a perfect size to conceal the details of the original writings that you want hidden.

Capacity of cutting the SHREDDER FOR HOME has is another attractive feature of the product. It cuts up to 6 sheets of papers comfortably without any jams. All you need to do is to put your evaluate the size of your feed to this limit. Carefully place whatever you want shredded in this equipment and watch it reduced into threads in seconds. Reducing the amount of materials to be destroyed by 6 each feed enables you to do this activity within no time. This will help you clear your mess in a short period of time in your home or work place. Acquire this ‘worker’ in your work place or home and feel how easy your cleaning and disposing activity becomes.

Running time of this equipment is an incredible and moving provision it has for your home and office requirement. This box can do a continuous run of shreds for as long as 4 minutes before it stops for cooling. The four minute time is just enough to help you reduce the wastes you have gathered into small fragments. Arranging your papers to be worked on in a good manner to assist you do much with the BONSAII tool within this time range. You will surely have a sigh of relieve after having done away with your confidential information within a short time. This machine will take a cooling rest of 40 minutes after which it restarts when there is a load in the feed area.

Together with many other important uses and applicability of this product, there are situations you definitely need it in every way. Talk of the exam errant papers in schools, the payslips you don’t use, the love letters of your past or the unwanted pictures in your album, Shredder for home is for you. Don’t wait any longer, go on and secure BONSAII SHREDDER FOR HOME and have the privacy and security you need at affordable prices. You don’t need to lose a chance of enjoying the efficiency of the machine.

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