The TP-Link Tapo Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi Camera | Wireless Indoor Security Camera 1080p (Full HD) | Up to 30 ft Night Vision | Up to 128 GB microSD Card Slot | Works w/Alexa and Google (Tapo C200)

Security in our homes is important, we invest so much money on building our homes and making sure the place is safe.. Most times we leave our children and houses in hands of nannies but we don’t get to know what usually goes on. The security cam has been designed to ensure that no matter how far we are from our homes we get to know exactly what happens in our absence.

When you buy this device you are guaranteed with the motion detection feature. This feature is activated when slight motion is detected around the space that is being protected. Notifications are instantly sent onto your phone of the video or pictures that are taken from the movement. It enables the owner call the police or notify someone else to go check on what is happening. When establishing the place to install this camera, it should be someplace where Wi-Fi connection is strong to support the sending of instant messages.

Wi-Fi connection also helps in saving all the videos on their cloud storage. This makes the retrieval of these videos from the cloud storage easy. Once the videos have been securely saved, deleting them from the cloud can be a hustle. Passwords can be placed to carefully encrypt these videos to ensure they do not land in the wrong hands.

The camera can tilt to about 360 degrees to give you a better visual of all that is happening around you. You can easily save videos that are recorded by this camera and send them. This ensures you can easily share these videos to your phone or computer. During the night, the light diminishes making the view of objects and people hard. This device has night vision to enable it counter this effect of light. Clear day and night vision of the camera helps you monitor your property for the whole day.

This device has a two way audio system for easy communication of people. You can easily communicate with someone near the camera from the comfort of your phone. Even when you are significantly far away from the camera communication can be done from the cell. It also ensures that you get immediate feedback when it comes to instruction giving.

Setting up this device is easy compared to other devices that have been created of this kind. When setting it up you do not require a third party to help in the mounting of the device. You also do not require skilled labor to help you mount the device. The manual provided has clearly instructions that you should follow when you are trying to set up the device. This makes work a lot easier and saves on the money that would have been used to hire someone to do the installation of the device.

The camera can store footage in its MicroSD card that stores data for up to 128 GB. This is a lot of space that can take up about three days worth of information. A sound and an alarm system can be activated by the use of this device. Whenever you are not around you can easily activate the alarm system for when someone tries to enter you premises without your knowledge. When the alarm system goes off the intruder can be easily tackled and taken into custody. Has a tapo app that helps in managing the security system by connecting you to the camera’s support system.

It can be used by working parents to monitor what goes on in their absence and how nannies interact with their children. Can be used to monitor babies while they are asleep you can watch them from a different room while doing some other chores. This device can be used in stores to monitor shoppers and reduce the rate of shop lifting. The device can be placed in the office to help monitor employees and keep tabs on them while working. With this device the employees are sure to work hard knowing that their every movement is being monitored.

Having this device at your home or work area is the best way to ensure your safety and those of your loved ones. By purchasing this product you get the value for your money and your security is guaranteed. Why wait till it’s too late to get this product get this product?

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