God Is Your Refuge When In Trouble

Today people are living in uncertainity particularly about what the future holds. This has caused a lot of fear, anxiety, anger and misconceptions about faith by many. Even those who seem to have reference for Jesus Christ are equally worried and wonder if their faith works for them anymore. The question that has been mostly asked is, where is God in all these? Is He aware of what has befallen man-kind and does He really care? You go through heartbreaking situations that may make you want to give up.

Who will try to make this understood easily that you live in a world full of tribulations? There’s a hunger for spiritual nourishment to acquire strength to overcome all. Therefore, renowned pastor and teacher, David Jeremiah writes a book based on the Bible psalms believed to carry comforting words at such a time. Ten inspired chapters written to comprehension directing the reader to the source of shelter. Theme cover bears presence of water and raindrops befitting the title, ‘Shelter in God’.

David mentions various people in the scriptures: Noah sheltered in the ark, Jacob went to his uncle Laban to escape Esau. Joseph went into prison, Moses in the desert for forty years, Naomi left moab with sadness. David sheltered away from king Saul, Elijah sheltered by Brook Cherith, Jonah stomached by the whale for three days. Daniel spent seventy years in Babylon, Ester sheltered in the palace of Persia’s King. Disciples spent ten days in Jerusalem, Paul in the Arabian desert and Roman prison. John in the Isle Patmos, and Jesus in the tomb for three days.

They relied upon Him in recognition where He revealed Himself to them in assurance. Jeremiah talks on the story of ‘Zahara de La Sierra’ Built as a castle and fortress critical for military strategy. How the mayor and dwellers took safety measures against the disease early enough and have remained free to date. The Mayor takes pride in safely guarding its citizens living at the countryside in Spain. In the first chapter the preacher highlights that you need all the help you can and trust in the Lord. Expounds chapter121 of Psalms step by step explaining the eight verses.

The possibilities of help on your journey requires you to look around, within and above. In the second chapter, ‘A Psalm of dark season’ sing to encourage yourself out of problems. Then he talks of ‘when God delays’, he means to carry out His purpose according to His will. The fourth, ‘worship during disaster’ shortrcomings make us know God and develop a close relationship. Desert psalm identifies with periods of lack where God comes out as the provider. Ups and downs are meant to help you stand firmly and walk while increasing your faith in Him.

God shelters you when you’re under pressure so that He can speak to your situation and let you know that He’s in control. When you can’t take it anymore, and you’ve reached a dead, He’s beginning a new phase in your life. He brings triumph over trouble, signs and wonders begin to happen to affirm He’s faithfulness. The best is yet to come, after you’ve stopped worrying and started focusing on your purpose without losing it. This publication would be suitable for all ages that understand the delicate issues of life. Gives encouragement and helps demistify how and why God’s time isn’t your time.

Church congregation can have this to continue building their faith, on the other hand can be used to reach out to those who are lost find their identity in Christ. Value for money, purchase and gift someone in need may answer questions they may ask. Hold on firmly to what you have, Jesus is with us even during these trying times and you shall emerge victorious. In deserting seasons take a look at this kind of books to understand the times you are living. There’s enough content to support a broken heart into finding its path to recovery. Embrace the teachings by referring to the Holy Bible to understand more.

Keep your spirit into awakening to revelations that touch the spirit of God. Pay close attention to prophesies as they give a clear picture of what God intends to do in the years ahead.

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