GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats, Capsule Size, Chicken Flavor

Administering medication in the form of pills is hard enough for a man. Up to 10% of Americans cannot take their pills the way they are, and some need a sweet thing to accompany their pills. Others cannot take the whole medicine or in its solid form and have to ground them before administering or dissolve them in drinks to take them. Because of the smell of the drugs, some people can’t stand them and would prefer to cover the scent before taking the medication. Imagine if it is such trouble for us how much trouble it must be for dogs. Dogs have acute senses of smell and taste far higher than men. The scent of the drug, its taste is stronger for dogs than us, and this, they will do anything to avoid taking pills.

It is this same way dogs need to take their meds, and you need to be smarter than the dog. Greenies Pill Pockets are for that exact situation where the dog has to take its medication without realizing. These Pill Pockets come in different flavours of meat, such as chicken, beef, cheese, and pork; this helps to hide the scent of the pill. Made specifically for dogs, they have a different size and texture for a tasty treat; the dog is left enjoying what it thinks is a treat. They are a simple way to administer the drugs and dietary supplements to your dog without any trouble. These flavours are rich and real, giving the pockets a tasty and nutritious benefit in or treat.

Directives on how to stick in the pill in the pocket are fundamental to be familiar. First, the Greenies Pill Pocket has a very distinct shape that will guide you to place the tablet in the right spot. Each pocket has a sunken surface, and that is where the pill goes, it has adequate space for most kinds of medication for dogs. You also need to familiarize yourself with the weight of the dog. Each serving of the Greenies treat requires one treat per fifteen pounds of your dog. That means a large dog will need a regular meal or one of the treatments as a whole while smaller dogs will require less frequent servings or break the treat into manageable chunks.

The reason behind this administration process is to make it easy for both the dog and the owner. Giving your dog the meds in plain sight will most likely not work. They will try to get away or after forcefully taking them to puke the medication, which means more expenses and cleaning jobs for you.

Even after the dog takes the treat with the pill inside and chews on them, they will not recognize the tablet because of the delicious, intense flavours in the snack. The value pack comes with sixty tasty treats that will ensure you get through the prescription without any hassle. It is packed in a neat design that will prolong the life span of the snack, meaning they can be safely kept while waiting for the next prescription. Otherwise, they are treats like any other, and you can give to your dog without necessarily having pills with them. Normally, a strict diet monitoring needs to be kept in such cases.

With Greenies pockets, you don’t have to utilize your food like cheese or peanut butter to conceal dogs medication anymore. If the dog does notice the pill, they still have very little to do and cannot resist the delightful treat. They will start to associate the drug as something positive and approve the mediation more positively.

Greenies Pill Pockets are formulated from natural ingredients that are valuable to your dog in more ways than one. With the various flavours accessible to select from, you can go for unique preference. That will even be better for your dog; the variety allows the owner to identify and select what works for them. Meaning you are not stuck with one variant entirely, and change is possible with Greenies pill pockets.

It’s recommended by vets, approved by regulators, to be functional, valuable for your dog. Finally, the product is a good purchase for families having a dog to keep their furry friends happily motivated even during medication administration.

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