Surface Pro Surface Pro 4 Charger, KSW KINGDO 44W 15V 2.58A Power Supply Compatible Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Pro 3 Pro 6 Pro 7 Pro X Surface Pro Laptop 1/2/3 Surface Go & Surface Book with Travel Case

Surface Pro Surface Pro 4 Charger is designed to match with your Microsoft Surface pro 7 Surface Laptop Surface and Surface book. The power sully of this charger is having a capacity of 44W, this energy is sufficient to quickly recharge your laptop battery. KSW KINGDO 44W power supply has a USB port that allows you to charge other devices like your phone while charging your laptop. The input of this charger is 100-240V and the output is 15 volts, the USB port has an output of 5V 1A and the USB size is 2.0.

This charger works better than the charger that comes with your device, it is a multi-charger that will satisfy you by charging your phone and your laptop. The port that connects to the laptop is magnetic and lights up when you plug it to your device. KSW KIGNDO charger comes with an awesome attachment that will allow you to plug the brick directly to your wall. When you don’t need the AC power cord, you will need to unplug it and replace it with a wall plug, this enhances easier charging on different occasions. Whereas you charge your phone using this charger, the speed of charging will be faster hence you will not waste time waiting for your phone to fully charge.

KSW KIGNDO charger will be used by anyone internationally who owns a device which supports it, the devices include Microsoft Surface Pro 6. When making a presentation with a device compatible with the charger, this is the charger you need to recharge your battery. The strength of the charger will help your device to use power for a longer period of time, so you are assured that you will not be disappointed. KSW KIGNDO charger has long cables which will help to charge the laptop and use it when you are seated away from the power socket. This company manufacturing this charger is promised you that they offer quality services to the customers and if you have questions you will ask them on their website.

The type of technology used to make this charger is wonderful, you need this charger and charging cable to charge your phone and have a super user experience. This is a modified charger than other chargers you have used, the charger has been tested and the company is satisfied that you will enjoy using the device. The wires used to manufacture the cable are of high-quality, by this you are assured that your charger will not spoil easily. A fuse in the charger will help to prevent shock and if you experience an overflow of current, your Microsoft Pro laptop will be safe. Avoid carelessness if you want your charger to function without complications, below are the things you must avoid.

First ensure you don’t expose your charger to liquids because most liquids are good conductors of electricity, and they will interfere with how current is flowing to the device. KSW KIGNDO charger is made of high quality but don’t assume that liquids will have no effect flow of current. If you experience compatibility issues with the charger, please don’t try to disassemble because you may end up getting a shock or burn your devices. Also, avoid dropping it down, this carelessness will lead to destroying of the charger and it will suddenly stop functioning. Exposing your charger to extreme temperatures will lead to the is functioning of the components in the charging system.

This product is a good purchase because it will solve your problems, you will need it to charge your portable devices like Surface Pro Laptop and your smartphone. The product is readily available in the market to those who need it, you only need to make a purchase and your item will be shipped to your location across the world. This cost of this charger is affordable to almost everyone and you are assured that you will receive the purchase in good condition. When you are not satisfied with the functioning of this charger; you will return it to Microsoft company and your issue will be sorted out on time. In case you haven’t made a purchase, and you have a device compatible with this charger, please do so and have your because you will enjoy the technology used to manufacture the charger.

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