20Q Version 2

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 13:41
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20Q Version 2
Manufacturer: Mattel
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  • Please note: Colours may vary
  • Various questions
  • Fun for all the family
  • Portable interesting game, that’ll keep you entertained for hours
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
  • Manufacturers recommended age 8 Years +

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Customer Reviews

This will surprise you!
Review Date: December 3, 2007
Reviewer: Mr. A. Sands, UK
I recently received this as a present, and ever cynical as I am, decided to see if I could crack this “guess what I’m thinking” game. I was convinced that Nuclear Submarine would be enough to confuse it, but it got it!

Pretty much 90% of the things I was thinking of, it managed to guess after the second attempt. The remainder predominantly being items of a more adult-nature which I wouldn’t imagine to be included in a kids/family toy!

With regards to educational value, the 20Q ball forces the user to think about the item they are thinking of, and whether it qualifies for the statement it is asking. For instance, is a Nuclear Submarine round? Does it float? Is Plutonium smooth, etc.

This is a perfect present for Xmas, as the whole family can get involved and come up with items for the 20Q to guess. It will also cause unexpected laughter when the ball suggests it’s first answer, which is usually far-removed from the item you are thinking of! It’s cheap enough to warrant itself being a stocking filler, but what a stocking filler it is!
It’s amazing!
Review Date: October 27, 2007
Reviewer: Nina Hall, UK
This really is the toy this Christmas/ New Year! I was thinking of a pig… it’s like it snatched the answer out of my head! It’s a really great toy and it kept me and my friends amused for agggggeeeessss! I love it!
It’s such a great price too as it’s adults and kids it entertains!
I really recommend it!
Thanks for reading
It can read your mind – most of the time!
Review Date: November 30, 2007
Reviewer: Mrs. Jennifer A. Falconer, Horsham, Sussex
This would be a good stocking filler for the person who is hard to buy for! I bought one for my 9 year old last Christmas and we are all still picking it up and being amazed at how well it guesses the most obscure things, such as a race horse! A great low price gift, and good for long car journeys too.
It CAN mind read!
Review Date: February 23, 2008
Reviewer: Sassy Brit, UK
From the moment little purple baby was delivered, I knew we were going to be special friends. He boasts that not only can he read my mind, he can do it in 20 questions or under. All I have to do is think of an “every day” object and he will ask me simple questions in order to help ascertain the secret thing I am hiding in the deep recesses of my mind. But this cocky little creep doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. He also boasts that I will never win, but would tell me the rules just to be fair. If it had a face it would be smirking.

First he asks me to press the “New Game” button, and then whether the object is Animal?…Vegetable?…or Mineral? From then on, all I have to do is answer a series of questions without cheating, and to consider my options, “Yes”, “No”, ”Sometimes”, or ”unknown”, seriously. At the end of the twenty questions he will take a guess, and heaven forbid if he gets it wrong, he will ask for five more then guess again. But you don’t have to allow this, if you think he is trying to cheat. Ultimately, if his guesses are wrong, you win. Fat chance, sucker.

I liked this. It dumbfounded everyone I showed this to, which can be a blessing in disguise. There were shrieks, squeals and gasps of both horror and delight, as this little beauty strutted his stuff and didn’t fail to amaze eager victims. If you think being human makes you smarter than him, you’d better prepare yourself for some fast backtracking when you’re made to look the loser, repeatedly! What I didn’t like is that I could not put it down. The novelty never wears off and it is so damn right all the time it is impossible to foil. Almost. I have to say I won once or twice, but only because I cheated and kept moving the goalposts, making it awkward for him. Even then he STILL seemed to know, as he checked for sure that I wasn’t exaggerating the truth. Which I did, but just to see what happened. Purely for reviewing purposes only, of course. One needs to be thorough.

But it’s plastic? It’s the most idiotic thing you have heard of. It runs on batteries? Well, you don’t think any living thing would be this clever do you? Within minutes it will have you on your knees pulling out your hair, wondering just how it can be so superior. Yet, perversely, you’ll adore and treasure him for the same reason. He never ceases to amaze and you’ll crave “just one more go” in a futile effort to beat him at his own game. Yes, he is addictive. Once you start there is no going back. You’ll be begging for a patch to wear to wean yourself off this tantalising time-wasting toy. What I think would have made this even better is for him to have a face, a more personal look, or to be like a pet, with a Tamagotchi feel, however, that is just my idea, and not to be confused with a complaint.

It’s educational too, in that it teaches kids critical thinking skills, evaluation strategies, and encourages them to apply their own knowledge and language skills in a way they don’t know they are learning.

20Q is one scary ball of fun, and if you really can’t take any more of his gloating, and can manage to set him aside, after 60 seconds he will go into sleep mode and automatically shut down to rest his brain. Do not be fooled. He is only refreshing himself so when he’s caught up on his “intelligence sleep” he is raring to thrash you again. Big time!

You’ll never have another dinner prepared on time again. And bedtimes can be a bit of a problem, with his built in light there’s just no putting him down. Oh, and the kids love him. He is especially useful on long car journeys. And to be honest, when I am driving is their only chance.

Sassy Brit
January 2008
This game is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review Date: March 27, 2008
Reviewer: Mr. Paul C. Hay, England
I bought this game about a month ago and have not put it down. It has so many options such as is it an animal, vegetable, mineral, object or unknown? It has an option to use a backlight and you can choose to use sound. The only thing that is slightly bad is that it asks the same questions when you select the category. Overall, I think this is a marvellous buy and it is great value for the price. I am so glad I bought it and I am sure my friends will be doing so soon.
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