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Television has always been a basic part of our lives for a very long time. It has been the families’ basic form of entertainment since the era of the Cathode Ray Tube TV which has now been replaced with LED and LCD TVs. Over time, these new technologies have transformed from antennae to digital to the revolutionary Smart Televisions. The Hisense 40HAF Smart Roku TV is among these TVs.

This is a 40-inch Full HD with a 1080 pixels resolution that is 1920 by 1080 with a 60 Hz refresh rate. The screen dimensions are 35 by 20 by 2 inches (length width and thickness) and weighs about 18 pounds. It has an aspect ratio of 16:10 which allows you to view more on the screen which means less scrolling. The screen is powered by LED technology whose backlight limits the glare effects of the external light. Its vibrant resolution allows up to 178 degrees of viewing angle which is very impressive.

It has up to 250 nits of brightness making it usable even in well lit rooms and can support over 6 million colors through FRC technology. The build of this device is easy and simple but efficient and portable. It has a stylish stand that gives it a modern feeling. Its connectivity features allow for HDMI, VGA and has HDCP and 2 USB ports, an antennae connectivity and a headphone jack. It also has in built stereo speakers saving you the worry of having to buy external speakers. The thin panel which occupies less space on your desk or room. It is made up of hardened plastic that gives it a stylish and a compact look.

This device being a Smart TV has Wi-Fi connectivity which gives you more access to entertainment. The Roku feature in this device gives you access to platforms of entertainment such as Netflix, SHOWMAX, SHIOWTIME and others. It is also powered by android which allows you to download games and other applications through Wi-Fi connectivity. The TV has a very easy remote that allows you to easily navigate on your device. it is also possible for you to use your phone or tablet as a remote which is an amazing feature. This TV is Alexa enabled meaning you can operate it handsfree.

The reasons as to why this is a good purchase area indicated below. First is that the sleek design gives it a distinguished look makes it presentable and also it uses less space on a desk. This can prove helpful especially where space is limited and you need a stylish monitor. The fast response time and speedy response rate of 60Hz makes it efficient while playing games or videos as sound and picture are well timed. Its connectivity features of this monitor allow for multiconnection such that you can connect a number of different devices to the TV.

This tv is also relatively portable as it is light meaning you can take it to another room without the worry of it falling and breaking. The design of the TV allows you to have an option of either supporting it with its stands or wall-hanging. These gives the buyer an option to choose from that would suit their house design preferences. Another reason is that you can control this TV using a remote, your phone or even your voice as it is Alexa enabled.

This device can be recommended for people who love bigger monitors, this 40-inch screen will serve them right. That screen is complemented with a high resolution and a 178-degree viewing angle and anti-glare properties. It can also be recommended for people who are on a tight budget as it is relatively cheaper than other monitors but with similar features. Gamers will also enjoy this TV mainly because of its size and clear pictures as well as the in-built speakers that allow them enjoy gaming. The HDMI port also allows quality displays from laptops to the monitor that scales up the pictures. This gives a better gaming experience.

In summary, the Hisense Roku powered Tv is assured of giving you a huge array of entertainment to choose from and can be controlled through your phone. Buying this television will give you loads of hands-free endless entertainment via Alexa.

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