The Monkees 24X36 Poster Michael Nesmith Micky Dolenz Peter Tork Davy Jones classic pose from hit TV series

Doesn’t this antique poster scream ‘nostalgia’ every time you look at it? It is a 1960s boy-band’s majestic pose that takes its viewer on an entertainingly inspiring trip down memory lane. The fact that this picture was taken when the band emerged into public limelight as ‘The Monkees’ enhances its value to any pop culture enthusiast. As a matter of fact, one cannot help but appreciate such an aesthetic snapshot of a group of young men who began as pop-star wannabes only to make history through daydreaming, talent, rebellion, consistency, perseverance, and reunions. On that note, it is fair to assert that this piece would appeal to a broad range of audiences.

First and foremost, this poster would appeal to ‘The Monkees’ fans. As highlighted, the group in this picture started their pop journey as actors and musicians. While they had made some notable performances in their solo careers prior to forming their band, their rise to publicity was marked by their participation in the hit TV series ‘The Monkees’. Ardent followers of their work would agree that this picture marks a point where all eyes were on them. Also, it captures the blissful moments they had before individual interests tore the group apart. Clearly, such fans need this poster to keep them connected with their favorite band of all times.

Are you a person who appreciates style and fashion? The stylish dressing displayed in this photo offers a source of inspiration for fashion-minded audiences. Any designer, stylist, or fashionista would love to have this piece hanging on the office or dressing room as a constant reminder of what it meant to be young and trendy in the 60s. Apart from displaying the graceful dresscode for young audiences, people who had experienced the hippie culture during the time this photo was taken would definitely be taken aback. It is a really great feeling to reminisce the good ol’ times: when the rock star phenomenon penetrated fashion.

If you an entrepreneur or business leader in need of constant inspiration, this poster will be of great help. The photo appeals to innovative leaders who have a clear understanding of the struggles this band went through to build their brand both as a group and as individuals. It suffices to claim that one is bound to reflect on themes such as resilience, consistency, perseverance and talent each time his/her eyes scan through the picture. Apparently, you can barely look at this photo without reflecting on how these young men struggled against oppressive bureaucracies in the music industry, public backlash, addiction, division, and breakups as they pursued their vision(s). When viewed from such a perspective, it is apparent that life is a journey characterized by ups and downs, and success is reserved for the few who are willing and able to overcome the hurdles. This factor makes such an image worthy of being placed on a wall for inspiration.

Dreamers are highly likely to appreciate this image, so, if you are one, then you should purchase this poster for constant motivation. However, it is advisable that you gain some knowledge on the band to enjoy its benefits. You’ve heard of the saying ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’. Surely, this photo conveys more than a thousand words, especially on the importance of daydreaming. The Monkees were mere dreamers before they become one of the most established boy-band in the 60s. A snapshot of their success serves as an affirmation that your dreams are valid. Therefore, in stead of giving up, you should pursue your vision at all costs.

By now, it is clear that this image appeals to its audiences for various reasons including aesthetics, inspiration, motivation, nostalgic reflection, and fanaticism. This realization implies that any business leader, artist, fashionista, dreamer and fanatic is bound to benefit from purchasing the piece. Not to mention the fact that the pricing is quite pocket-friendly. Businesses with physical locations can also purchase the poster then hang it on a wall for visitors. Even though your associates, customers, and/or colleagues might not know what the image is all about, they will surely appreciate it since it is ‘eye candy’. Perhaps, you can customize the audience experience by adding a brief description of the band on a note.

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