Hiware Fiberglass Reusable Chopsticks

You may have always used spoons, forks, and knives as the basic tools for eating your breakfast, lunch or supper. These are the utensils that are used the moat in many dining tables, hotels and restaurants. Nevertheless, beyond the spoons, forks and knives are other kitchenware that is used for eating. Traditionally, the Chinese have always used chopsticks to eat their food especially their famed noodles and different Chinese delicacies. This tradition has trickled down to many parts of the world where the chopsticks have become popular and have even been modified to suit different cultures and people. Far from the wooden chopsticks, there has come different chopsticks of different materials and the Hiware fiberglass chopsticks are just what we are talking about.

The Hiware fiberglass chopsticks is a genius design that is packed into ten pairs in a box. Each individual chopstick is exactly ½ inch thick and this is the most suitable diameter that has proven to be the best for maximum grip during your cuisine. Because we care for the environment and we consider your economy, the chopsticks are designed to be reusable and it is dishwasher safe. By being dishwasher safe, the chopsticks are smooth and easy to clean even if you opt to clean it with soap and running water by using your hands. Mainly, these chopsticks are black which is universal to fit any other color of utensils that you are using though, if black isn’t your thing, you can choose from a range of three other colors. This is to ensure that each of our customers’ tastes are well thought of and catered for.

Because your health is paramount, these chopsticks are made from a healthy plastic material that is BPA-free. The plastic making the chopsticks doesn’t have additional coatings of any other compounds nor paint dressings and this ensures that you don’t eat funny chemicals that may bring you serious health complications such as cancer eventually. Fiberglass is the main material making the chopsticks and it is a quality material that gives these sticks a strong mechanical strength that reduces breakages. The fiberglass is also heat resistant and this means that it will maintain its shape and texture even when you are digging in some steaming food. An advantage of fiberglass is that it doesn’t leave the metal taste as found in metallic chopsticks which may ruin your appetite.

These sticks may not also wear or burr like their sister wooden chopsticks and they don’t retain food odor especially after a spicy meal with strong aromas which may be a put-off. The surface is made with a unique non-slip design that always ensures that you are in full control when using them as you dine. Traditional hasn’t been thrown away fully, however, and on the surface of the chopsticks are engravings of a sakura curving patterns that are impressive to look at. It is a welcome sighting for those who still want to feel the old school touch on the chopsticks. By being lightweight, you can gobble down your sushi, sashimi, ramen, or any other delicacies without stress.

Prices have been slashed and these chopsticks are affordable with instant deliveries to your doorstep so order yours today, and dine with royalty.

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