HP Elite Dragonfly 13.3

HP one of the most famous computer manufacturers have done their best to produce products that are useful to each person for whatever reason they may need for. Today, we applaud them once again for the newly released product created with brilliant technology that will lift your experience to another level. The new HP Elite Dragonfly Touchscreen, has everything you have ever dreamed of in a laptop, from design to the in-built features, you have never come across such an amazing product. It is available for sale since early this year 5th January 2020, the items features are one of a kind and has been accepted widely throughout the continent. With the 2 in 1 Notebook feature good processing speed and the sleek appearance, there’s nothing you’re not going to like.

Now, let’s go through its features shall we? It has a diagonal visible screen of 14″ and the viewing itself is 13.3″, which will enable you to have a wide view. You will enjoy every moment of your time with the screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 that will leave you satisfied with full-screen viewing. Has beautiful display of cut diamonds that gives classy and stylish look of the screen, not to mention the wonderful design it’s created to suit. It’s thin and light which makes it able to fit in a bag and also you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy weight on your back. Works with both the keyboard and a touch system because it allows using the touchscreen, with even an LCD screen type and as well provides a bright view that can be adjusted to your fitted choice.

The item is created to fit the modern world and able to run high-end programs, it can be used for either home use and work use because it’s efficient enough to provide the best results. Great features such as the Intel processor and the core i7 are just impressive, with of quad core processor and a speed of up to 2GHz. Comes with one battery inside, strong and long battery life supported by 65W, out of charge the battery lasts up to 24 hours. The keyboard has a backlight that will enable you to enjoy every moment of your use even in a dark room you can see what you want to press on the keyboard. And the most important thing to look at today when purchasing a good laptop is that it operates on Windows 10, and guess what? It operates on Windows 10 Pro with 64-bit.

It’s useful and will be able to run many programs you would like, has everything you would want to have in a laptop, a cheap item for a highly valued product. Easily accessible in most computer shops, you can always get one in any HP store, there are international online shops that sell them too. It’s boosted with great memory, with 16 GB Ram, you can have more data to save and the 256 GB SSD that can help in storing more files with no problem. Has an IPS, in-plane switching technology which means wherever you are you can use it, and can work even when you’re traveling by plane. What’s more graphic lovers get a chance to control their graphics, the UHD graphics controller 620, allows you to enjoy this feature. There is nothing not to love from this device, it just keeps getting better.

Have you been looking for a chance to run programs without interference? Have you searched for a laptop that performs well and is affordable? Look no further, your chance is here. For not so much, you get valuable items ready for you to use, at work, school or home you can circulate as much as you want with it. Trendy and effective, every experience you get from using will be up to speed as it is designed to be suitable for the modern world. Carries a weight of less than 1 kg, you can carry along to desired destination, and has dimensions of 14 × 8 × 1″. It’s everything digital and wanted, available for every person worldwide who’s looking to take a leap into the HP wonderland. Style, size, price, speed, operator, storage, battery, efficiency, access and technology are all a check.

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