Review 2 Port HDMI KVM Switch with 4 foot Built-in Cables -Os Independent – Support for 3.5mm Audio – USB 4k 60Hz (SV211HDUA4K)

Computers are components used to decipher and transmit data from one form to another, various types of computers include, large, mini and small computers. Desktop and laptops are some of the most widely used Mimi computers, the are portable, fast and convenient. The important of computers are under emphasized, theses gadgets helps us create, decipher, transmit and also share these same data. Computers are generally built with one user interface whereby a particular person can be able to perform tasks only one one particular system at a time. In modern times, the HDMI cables invention has helped in linking two or more users to one system. This links not only videos but also audio alike and all these are done manually rather than with softwares.

Have you seen a 2 Port HDMI KVM switch with 4 foot built-in Cables is an OS independent piece with support for 3 by 5mm audio and USB 4k 60Hz (SV211HDUA4k). As is I’m the name, it comprises of 2 ports with switching capabilities, supports audio and resolution of 4k. It’s OS independent feature means it can support many Personal Computers including Mac books. It is built with the ability to switch between two computers simultaneously through the push of button on HDMI KVM switch. It’s powerful cables helps connect keyboards, mouse, CPU, and monitors of different computers, it not only displays high definition video but also powerful sounds through its 3.5mm audio feature.

It was manufactured by Startech and boasts of a 2 years warranty and unlimited service supports. Weighing 2 by 2 pounds and has SV211HDUA4k as it manufacturer reference, one of its superb feature is its ability to connect more than one computer without using system softwares. Every action performed by it comes preset and is coupled manually, it’s supports of many personal computers including Mac books is also a breathtaking features. The products lightness in weight and portable makes it easier to be carried about and connected without much hassles accompanied with transporting and compiling bigger gadgets.

Technicians, and computer literate persons make up the bulk number of people whom this HDMI KVM switch would benefit more. It would help them connect and link up computers easily and with its follow come manuals it would also be less tedious for them to do these connections. Folks looking to save time and work faster would also find this 2 port cable handy as it would making working in two computers fairly easy.

Computer scientists and engineers would want this product to be commercialized as the said product would ease up the stress they experience while syncing two computers or copying data from one system to another. Individuals who crave two user interface would be very grateful at the HDMI KVM switch production, as communication between two users using two different systems could be shared easily and at a much faster pace.

Realistically, this 4 foot 2 port HDMI KVM switch has lots of usefulness and advantages, firstly, this piece makes linking of two computers conceivable, it also link videos and audio at 4k resolutions. The interesting fact is that it does all these synchronizations manually without a software or external feature required. Again two users can easily use two different computers and still perform the same task at the same time and rare. The device is compatible and can be easily carried from one place to another without much stress. It is easy to use and can be wired by any individual with basic computer knowledge.

Startech’s HDMI Switch further comes with a 2 years warranty and an unlimited support, it also comes with a USB and AV chord so as to ensure that videos and audios are properly synched with input and output channels so as to ensure the two systems are properly connected. This multitasking feature of the 2 port HDMI cable has helped users save a lot of time and energy while carrying out tasks in systems. Stress and redundancy was also curtailed through the use of this product.

One would think that the multipurpose feature of the 2 port HDMI KVM switch would skyrocket the pricing only to be amazed as to how fair the price of this product is pegged at. The sales rate would obviously quadruple as the product is a good buy.

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