Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump, 110-120V, Max. Air Flow 650 L/min

The Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It runs on 110volts AC when plugged into available AC outlet. This product comes with 3 interconnecting nozzles which makes it compatible with various inflatable products. It features a thermo protector to ensure that it doesn’t operate above its rated working temperature which could lead to possible breakdown. Also, this device boasts of 650L/min maximum airflow which is enough to perform tasks quickly and smoothly.

These electric air pumps unlike DC air pumps are powered only by electrical power source and run comfortably on 110-120V AC. The electrical power can be supplied to them directly from electrical power outlets or from DC energy systems with AC outputs such as Inverters. This electrical power is used to create a vacuum suction inside the pumps which allows air in the surroundings to be sucked in. The air is compressed and pushed into the areas where they are needed.

As a matter of fact, the applications of Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pumps are numerous. They can be used to inflate automobile tyres, they can be used for aerating purposes, they can be used to fill balloons, sport balls, air mattresses and more.

People whose nature of job requires a lot of travel need to have these electric air pumps and take them alongside with them in cases of emergency such as having deflated tyres. Sales people who move around with vehicles need to have them too. Car owners in general need to have these gadgets and carry them on their vehicles always, as cases of emergency may not be easily predicted. In addition, these gadgets are powerful in saving time, money and stress during emergency.

Consider the case of a car owner whose vehicle suddenly developed a deflated tyre in an area where there is no air topping service available. He will certainly spend time and money trying to get an autotechnician to refill the deflated tyre and all these sudden movements of his will tend to stress him out. On the contrary, if he has this air pump, things will certainly be a lot easier for him. All he has to do is just to fix it properly on the affected tyre and fill it up in few minutes thereby saving himself from former circumstance.

Those who work in ponds can use this device to perform aerating tasks. This helps to improve water quality of the pond, remove phosphorus, reduce algae, breakdown unwanted bacteria, increase oxygen levels, remove foul odors from the pond and also reduce mosquito problems. With this air pump, one is sure to perform all his aerating jobs effectively and efficiently.

All forms of filling can be performed using these gadgets. They can be used to fill sport balls and balloons which children play around with and have fun. Homes, hotels and other places that use air mattresses can actually utilize these products to fill them up smoothly and perfectly. With these products around, filling these items will just be fun.

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump is rugged in appearance and lasts long. It is believed by some people that products that are cheap tend not to last long, but as true as this may sound, it is not applicable here. This product has been designed and built with the user in mind. The perfect electric air pump that every home, organization, industry, etc utilizing inflatable products should have. Appearance of 3 nozzles makes it suitable for most sizes of valves thereby ensuring its flexibility in most applications. Additionally, the power cord is made lengthy to ensure that during operations such as inflating of swimming pools and rafters, the water does not get close to the pump. Its affordability is aimed at ensuring that anyone who desires to have it, gets it without price barriers.

This electric air pump is richly available on various online stores. You can have it delivered straight to your location just by placing an order. There is no second thought to have concerning this awesome product. It is the kind everyone will really want to have owing to all this great features it is loaded with. Go for it now and enjoy having it around.

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