IPhone 6s ,Rosegold (16Gb) Review

Good news for AT&T;, metro and T-mobile users, as a world class device is here to accommodate your carrier services. The apple iPhone 6s is one of the hottest shots in the market at the moment, alongside all other apple devices. iPhone 6s which was introduced to the public on the 9th day of September 2015, has since made a name for itself since it came to the limelight. Being amongst the 8th generation of iPhone, it has come a long way from the creation of the first iPhone and has lived up to the acclaimed hype that comes with it.

A phone that has a slogan ‘bigger than bigger’ , supports a very fast internet in the form of 4G Lte. In today’s world, only a handful of devices can handle browsing at that speed without unnecessary complications. Speed in both internet and functionality is a perfectly combined duo that anyone in this generation needs to have in their day to day lives. This speed is also accompanied with 16Gb worth of space that will help to save tons of data without flinching. Space is something that this present generation do not play with, as it has been made evident in recent times that data is life, but occupies space.

Furthermore, with the perfect graphical interface display, it comes with a very vivid look that makes pictures and videos look more alluring to the human eyes. Individuals with a great taste and passion in beauty and photography will find this device worth owning. An HD screen comes alongside a Retina display having 3D touches that are calibrated to serve different functions. These functions go as far as making the device much more easy to use, while also instilling a sense of upgrade in the users of the device. The screen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also passes the durability and strength test, making it one of the firmest screens available in the industry at the moment.

Coming in portable sizes, the apple IPhone 6s feels very light and comfortable in the palm of its users fitting into pockets and not acting as a burden when trying to make calls with the phone device placed over the ears. The portability is one that should be reckoned with because it still carries more functionalities than many other devices that looks bigger than it. There is no better feeling than not being disturbed or made to lose comfort because of the size, weight or shape of a particular mobile device.

Security is made to be a paramount feature of the iPhone 6s and it comes with comfort especially when it comes to unlocking of your personal device. The button at the middle of the bottom panel of the phone accompanies a fingerprint panel that could be used for other purposes aside from unlocking the device (In app purchases, purchases at the App Store etc). Online security is also needed to back up physical security during the course of usage of the device. Having a strong GPS system, the phone can be tracked online if misplaced to the nearest location of the phone, making it more difficult for thieves to handle.

Lastly, a phone of its caliber is fit to be used by anyone, ranging from toddlers to adults. This explains that every category of persons in this life can enjoy the usage of this phone therefore making it a great gift, if given to someone on a special day. Games and intellectual apps offered by the apple store makes the device fun for kids and helps to create and sharpen great minds. Older persons can go as far as using the phone to track their work outs and detect the amount of steps walked each day for fitness purposes.

The price tag attached to this masterpiece makes it even more intriguing as it is a rare sight to see good deals like this. Being a renewed phone doesn’t stop it from looking sparkling clean and totally unfazed in its functionality. One could barely tell that it is not a brand new phone when acquired, and that tells a lot. Shipment is carried out within a few days to your preferred locations, allowing room for returns if ever there is a case of the phone malfunctioning sooner than expected.

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