A computer is a device that is used to process data into information. This device has been used by people from the 20th century and it has helped people accomplish many things. The first computer was made out of vacuum tubes and this computer was big in size and it was not portable. In the 21st century computers which were portable started to be in use by every individual who had the ability to purchase a computer. They are many companies that make computers and every company has its own way of designing and building the computer. Computers have advantages to people and some disadvantages for the people who use them.

The computer has the ability to work with an accuracy of 100% because it is programmed to work with an accuracy of 100 %. This device also has the ability to process data into information in a short period of time and this feature makes people’s work easier. Computers have made communication between people easy because you do not need to see the person so that you talk to you can use your computer to communicate. This feature has helped people to communicate with other people from different parts of the world. A computer also has the ability to work at a high speed that human beings cannot work.

A computer has many hardware and peripherals that give an individual the ability to communicate with the machine. A keyboard is an input device that enables the user to enter commands and data into the computer through keys that are well-arranged. They are different types of keyboards that are used in computers to input commands and data. There is the basic keyboard and the extended keyboard and both of these keyboards have different numbers of keys. The keyboard is important because is because it helps individuals and users to input data through punching keys. A mouse is another device that is used to point folders and things on the computer’s screen and monitor. They are many types of mouses that can be used to point folders and other things on the computer’s screen or monitor.

The Trackball mouse and the optical mouse are the two types of mouses and they can be wired and wireless. Another computer hardware is known as the monitor that is used as an output device in all computers. This device has the ability to show the computer’s output on the screen. Monitors are the output devices that can have cameras, microphones, and speakers connected to it. Speakers are output devices that are used to display sound and audio. And the monitor is used to display videos and some monitors have built-in speakers that enable the monitor to display audios and videos. These are the common hardware that every computer is supposed to be connected to.

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