Jumbo Easter egg Kit

Jumbo Easter Egg is a special toy created for children to enjoy every moment of their holidays and free times. The kit is given to the children as a gift to keep them busy and also tests their skills. This product is manufactured by Fun Little Toys, an American company well-known for creating items of fun and education for young children.

Jumbo Easter Egg is designed particularly to keep children away from idleness and importantly to test their creative skills in recognizing, forming, and designing objects. It also increases the learning speed of the children and develops their talents in changing objects. The product is meant for minimum age of 3 years and older children. This is to make sure that the children using Jumbo Easter Egg already have little knowledge of the things around them and can appreciates them. Also, children of higher age can as well play with the toy so far they are within the limit of early childhood range. But children of adolescent age range, may find it inappropriate.

The product could be offered to children as gift at various celebration including Easter. Jumbo Easter Egg could be offered to children as Easter party favor supplies, Easter egg hunt, or Easter basket stuffers among others. It is less dense and has compact structure that children can easily move its content about. The product is adjudged save, non-poisonous, and cannot cause harm to children in any manner. Therefore, it is considered suitable for all children of the prescribed age bracket.

A single pack of Jumbo Easter Egg consists of 6 fictional eggs of different colors. There are green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and purple eggs. The eggs are fairly large with each having regular oval shape of a real egg. They are made in a way that can be flapped, so that it provides space for keeping items. In each egg, there are five (5) clay-made animal objects and a set of 6 different strands of colored synthetic-clay. The animal objects within each egg are of different types: monkeys, dinosaur, bear, hippo and so on.

Meanwhile, strands of the colored synthetic clay are kept as reserve for children to try their hands to produce similar objects. The idea of this amusement engagement is to let the children replicate the shaping or modelling of the clay into types of animal found in each fictional egg. In the process, the children thinks on cutting, bending, slicing, and punching to have a resemblance of the object at sight. This will not only hold the child for hours and made the fun out of them but also help them to demonstrate creative skill.

Shaping into different forms of animal is possible because of the special feelings of the clay and its nature. Being an artificial clay, its composition gives it the resilient properties and ability to return to any shape. This particular clay is a type that does not dry and, therefore, flexible to be turned around without breaking. So, children can reshape many times to their desired object without losing the quality of the clay. Also, the clay is easily removed from the hand and thereby does not messed children wears. The remnants of the kit are disposable and are not injurious to the human environment.

As a commercial product, Jumbo Easter Egg kit comes with an assurance coverage of 30 days and a help service. While the coverage intends to restore your confidence in the product, the help service offers assistance to your inquiry about the product, especially those that concern its usage. The manufacturer of the product is available to be reached online for assistance via its website. It also offers return, refund, and replacement policies to protect the customers from undue loss. There is room for customer to give report of assessment of the product based personal experience.

Although, currently the product is out of stock, the Amazon LLC is being a retailer of Jumbo Easter Egg. Usually, Amazon delivers the product to homes on any order and ships to countries, all at affordable cost. Amazon rates Jumbo Easter Egg as the 56 th among the bestselling beach toys. Customer’s review similarly reveals the product earns a rating of 5 out of 5.

Jumbo Easter Egg is an awesome play kit designed for children, to make their time memorable and enjoyable. The fun kit provide an addition learning avenue for kids as they showcase their talents in creativity. You will find Jumbo Easter Egg as a good companion to make your children the best they can.

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