How Much Do You Know About Samsung Chromebook 4 Chrome OS 15.6 With Full HD Intel Celeron Processor N4000 4GB RAM 32Gb Emmc Gigabit Wi-fi-XE350XBA-K01US – Silver

Talking about system that will give you what you want that will definitely perform task that you will always use it for. Have you tried Samsung chromebook 4 chrome OS 15 6, contains all you ever wanted on laptop. Maybe you have searched for that you will derive joy from, you don’t have search again because this device got everything that you have ever wanted in any mini computer. In case if you don’t know what laptop is, is a portable computer that can be carried around easily, inside or outside the office. Talking about this Samsung chromebook 4 chrome OS 15 6, is a lifesaver, base on it speed of connectivity, the system doesn’t accept delay, when using in the office, it makes task given to be fast because of it wide screen space provided. Do you know what? The system is among the latest laptop on board and among the best, the product is widely known by every body.

Not like some other kind of mini computer that has few things, but chromebook contains many things that you don’t know about such as, with 15 6 inches of maximized screen space. You can joyfully access your internet with pressure, stream as you like, create, work and play on a fast, with your portable computer secure enough to be carried to anywhere of choice. The screen is big enough to contain everything that will be done, saving things on home screen, without finding space is being made easy. With your Google Play Store, Google Docs, Google Drive, you can access Google without stress, built with super fast connectivity. Using a fast Gigabit connection or Wi-Fi connection, stream or download massive files rapidly and faster. Contain built-in virus protector again malware that will come from deference angle, ensure that the antivirus is updated when required.

You don’t have to worry about the battery capacity because with full charge that quickly changes on USB-C charger, the laptop can last up to 10 hours of consistent battery use. No need of wasting your time searching for items, while you can possibly request and Google will get it done, for instance to uptake your calendar, to reply to a message or check the news. With two USB cable slot, it allows multiple task without slowing the system down, for instance if you want to be charging and transferring things at same time, that can be done. Memory space of 4 G RAM and 32 gigabytes storage space, most mini computer contains about 2 G RAM, this one is big enough to carry any app you want to store. An acceptable chrome OS that alow you to view content you loves, on it maximized screen, designed with a minimized beze.

Does things you have not heard such as, with the use of Bluetooth, you can connect to other devices easily. You can use your Samsung television as a monitor to this device, by using chromecast connected to your TV at an HDMI port at the back. Use your DVDs by just buying your DVDs players, it also supports Linux bata options in the setting. Most important thing for writers, is that the device has lighted key board that comes up when typing and turnoff once you stop writing. No need to use VLC for music playing because it has media player installed by default. With your play store, you don’t have to buy software to install, all you have to do is download, just like in android phone. Printing is made easy because it has the capacity to wireless print, and also contain front camera for video calls and others.

The device has external memory slot, headphone jack, microSD multi-media card reader, built-in microphone with speakers and lot more. If you are looking for a quality divide that can be bought at affordable price rate, Samsung chromebook 4 chrome OS can be the one?. Is good as a gift for that your intelligent child, for academic use like, installing of textbooks, writing of assignment. For writers that want to reach the ultimate stage of writing skills, the device has a spelling corrector, for photographers, they can use it when they connected to any Linux app like Gimb. The device is good, built by Samsung a widely known company to increase the uses of the system.

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