Kittyhok wire-free camera – an ideal security option

With security comes a peaceful life wherever you live and wherever you want to go to. Avoiding vandalisation of property and safety of loved ones is nothing short of a need, just as good and shelter. Absence of safety crops up emotional distress and negative thoughts and prejudice.

Many will walk into the market looking forward to purchasing the best security camera available to them. But choosing whichever suits your needs becomes another hectic task as the shops are flooded with different models of security cameras. Others have an experience with other types of cameras which they did not find modest. Some, after the poor experiences with these cameras decided to opt for a more traditional or outdated means to improve their protection. If you’re trying to find your new security camera, then the Kittyhok wire-free camera is the choicest option. Additionally, traditional ways would find a security camera like this more useful.

Its design is eye-catching and you wouldn’t let it off your sight once you have eyes on it. Something easy to handle and carry about is what you look for and the Kittyhok offers that too as it is of little weight and saves time to install. As it is wire-free, it would be needless hiring a trained expert to fix it, neither will you have to run around lengthy cables throughout your property. Just a couple fixing screws and you will be good to go.

Four lithium ion batteries that are fixed into it power up the security camera. The batteries have a capacity of 10400mAh saving you the worry of constantly recharging it. These batteries can last between 120-240 days while the camera actively does its job. For better efficiency, the camera includes to charging modes, either using the USB cable connected to the power adapter or using a solar panel. A notification is sent to your smartphone when the battery level falls below 20% prompting you to plug it in.

An advanced PIR sensor is also fitted into the camera. This sensor detects thermal changes coming from people or animals and activates the motion sensor of the camera to start recording the events. Therefore, false notifications of movements from leaves or raindrops and snow are avoided. Coupled with this is a high definition camera of 1080p and a 120° wide angle lens to offer very high quality images and videos during monitoring.

The recorded videos can be monitored remotely through your smartphone. To do this, download the CloudEdge app from the play store or Apple store and configure it to your camera as it supports both Android and iOS users. It has two high-strength antennas which eliminate interference from competing wireless networks and ensures high speed internet suitable for live views.

The camera supports multiple users at the same time meaning your whole family can log in to the app and view actual events at the same time. These videos are locally stored in a memory card which is supported by the camera’s SD card slot. The capacity supported could be as high as 128 GB giving you high storage capacities for all your videos. Also, you could opt to use the cloud storage provided as a backup facility in case you lose the card.

It has an IP66 rating making it no match for all weather condition as it is weatherproof. Kittyhok can withstand harsh weather conditions from freezing cold days to rainstorms. However, you need to keep the lens clear so it’s advisable to install the camera on shaded area to prevent hindering its effectiveness. This feature gives it the suitability for outdoor use as well as indoor monitoring.

The camera offers a two-way audio intercom through the CloudEdge app for a direct conversation. With built-in speaker and microphone, you an have a chat with the person by your doorstep or check on your loved ones at home. This is especially useful for busy people who are rarely at home. Activeness of the camera still continues at night as it has 4 infrared LED lights to give you sharp videos of the full HD 1080p camera. The visual clarity distance at night is about 40 feet, just enough to cover a large space.

It can be used to monitor homes to prevent vandalism and in business operations to guard them against possible lawsuits if accidents occur. This is the most ideal camera considering all its features and it would be your money’s worth giving you value and convenience.

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