Review Magnetic Dry Erase Markers Fine Tip Pen, 16-pack Whiteboard Marker With Erase For School Office Home

Writing on whiteboards needs full concentration when you are using a marker which doesn’t rub off whenever mistakes are made. Unfortunately, nobody is infallible from mistakes, and at some point you would have to erase, correct mistakes made. It’s impossible to have a whiteboard that fits all the information you would have to write down. Sunacme has made the greatest magnetic dry erase marker of all the time for all your work to be easier, and simple to handle. The pack consists of 16 magnetic dry eraser markers, with 8 assorted colors. Meaning each different color has got a pair, in case the first color gets exhausted you would not run out of another color. Magnetic dry erase markers have colors that are so vivid, and clear to distinguish, giving you the perfect written work.

The marker is useful to many people, for students to write down their points during discussions, teachers, be it online or in lecture rooms. Children who are learning to write, and those in upper grades can use the pack as well. Home studies and working home require the use of markers, too. When doing business, the Sunacme markers are functional because in meeting rooms, the management could use them to explain different topics on whiteboards through writing. The Sunacme markers could be used by those learning to write from home, people from all walks of life, and those learning at home, in offices, and at school.

Sunacme markers are labeled ‘magnetic dry erase markers’ to mean they are different from other markers in the market. Each marker has been manufactured with a magnet on the cap of the eraser. Magnet is in-built, you would see it partially, but it is good to stick on any metal. The magnet also works whether you decide to place your marker on flat metals, it doesn’t roll off, giving you an extra job to pick it up the entire lecture. On top of the marker, you would see a dry eraser, which saves a great task for all the work done. Eraser enables the user to rub off work that is unwanted, finished, or altered on your Whiteboard.

The tip of the marker that is used to write down is made into a fine tip point so whatever you write would be clear, whether information is on graphs or not. Important reason to buy the magnetic dry eraser marker is that the marker is so portable. Size in length is 13,716 cm, and diameter of the eraser is just 1,27 cm. Thickness is suitable for those with small hands, you don’t have to hold it like what you do when you hold a shovel, shovel requires whole palm to grab it. The weight is 181,437 grams, so it feels light in your hands with enough weight to make stable handwriting.

Kids can use the marker, hold it with no problems, and some can pin the marker on ears, considering you have got small air. Multi-task would become easier to carry, other people prefer pinning the marker on their lips, clipping the middle part while hands gather something during that short time. More so, the marker delivers no pain or feeling uncomfortable when you pin it between your fingers, just like what all tutors do. Cap of the marker is fitted an eraser so corrections are re-written instantly or you can rub off the body without taking off your hand to find an external eraser. Tip of the marker is a bullet tip which would make drawings, and detailed drawings easy to carry out.

Sunacme dry eraser has got ink with perfect odor, it doesn’t rush in your nose, causing disgust feeling or nausea. The ink is not toxic, it dries quickly on whiteboards or any surface you work on. If the ink leaves stains on your hands, it’s washable so easily, and it’s important to kip the cap tight after every session.

Sunacme magnetic dry eraser is suitable for you, and it out-shines all previous markers you have been using. They don’t have a strong smell that could irritate your feelings, ink is washable, and doesn’t leave stains. Upper cap is equipped with a magnet to avoid rolling off whenever you put on steel surfaces. Pack consists of 16 markers with 8 different colors, and each marker has an eraser to make your work done clean. Buy the Sunacme marker right away, and experience a different writing with easy, and amazing functions.

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