This Iron Man figure signed by Stan Lee and Robert Downey Junior to complete your collectible collection

Marvel comics were a major part of most people’s lives, if not all. They helped children live in a world, created by the writers, with superheroes and villains. Kids, teens and adults, no matter their age, waited for the new edition with the same excitement. People were almost addicted to them and forgot the real world when engrossed in them. Marvel was a giant in the comic book industry during the early twentieth century. Later, marvel studios took the movie industry by storm, with the most colorful superhero movies. Therefore, you will find Marvel fans all around the world in every age group.

This beautiful world was created by none other than the beloved Stan Lee. Being a Marvel fan or a superhero comics fan in general, you must know who this man is. He created your favorite superheroes with their insane powers and the best villains. Stan Lee also did not shy to work in front of the camera and has many cameos in different Marvel movies. One of his greatest creations being the Iron man, portrayed in movies by Robert Downey Junior. He has played Iron Man in eleven movies, including three, where he is the main protagonist. Robert has done a marvelous job in portraying the popular character of Iron Man on screen.

The action figure of Iron Man is one collectible item you would not want to miss. This item cannot be valued in terms of money, but in the immense flow of happiness that runs through your veins after seeing this figure. Marvel fans would never think twice before grabbing the opportunity to grab a collectible item related to their favorite character, the Iron Man. He is the favorite protagonists in these movies, which have a star-studded cast with the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson. Therefore, being an Iron man fan, you should not let the opportunity of possessing an action figure slip away from your hands.

Stan Lee, the legend who created Iron Man with all the other Marvel superheroes, was a fan favorite. People loved him as well as his work as a writer and his funny cameos. He was a man who could not be hated, after all, he gave the world the avengers it needed. His signature on this action figure increases is worth a thousand folds. After his demise, people would give a huge price for anything they can find that has a connection with the great Stan Lee. This makes the iron man action figure more than just a collectible item, a valuable gem worth a lot of money.

With Iron Man, no more after his tragic death in Avengers: Endgame, which left many heartbroken, this action figure has an emotional value too. An Iron man figure has become more desirable than Captain America or any other avenger. If you have an emotional attachment with Iron Man, this figure is just for you. The signature on it makes the already valuable figurine almost priceless. This figurine could potentially be the next addition to your marvel collectibles’ shelf.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity, which proves that the signatures actually were handwritten by Stan Lee and Robert Downey Junior. But, this is not it, as it comes with a photograph of the signing event too. Unfortunately, the figure slipped out of the picture, as it is difficult to capture the moment at the exact moment. The certificate of authenticity is enough for proving the authenticity of the autographs, and the value doesn’t decrease significantly. So, if you want to earn some cash by selling this figure, you will need the certificate of authentication, and that is another reason you should get your hands on the figure.

Do not hesitate to take a step towards buying this Iron Man figure if you call yourself a Marvel fan. Fans of Stan Lee and Robert Downey Junior would also want to grab this figure without a second thought. Collectors would want to have this figure in their collection of figures or any collection related to the Marvel Universe. The signatures make the figurine all the more desirable as it is rare to find two signatures on the same object. So, people who feel attached to the great universe created by Stan Lee will buy the Iron Man figurine.

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