Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening – Nintendo Switch Review

Without a doubt, Legend of Zelda is at the heart of Nintendo gaming. Link’s Awakening was released as a remake to the original Zelda game released in 1993 on the Game Boy. This game has received a staggering amount of award nominations i.e. The Game Award for Best Action/Adventure game, BAFTA Game Award for Music, and The Game Award for Best Art Direction. Legend of Zelda will blow your mind in all the ways possible.

This game’s storyline has a depth that engages everyone who plays it. The game is set in an Island called Koholint where Link is marooned. This is just before a giant owl sends him to get an egg perched on top of a mountain. Link is tasked with gathering magical musical instruments to awaken a wind-fish to return home. Koholint Island is a beautiful place filled with many treasures and puzzles. The game packs a punch with its many secrets as you get to one dungeon, find a secret key to the next, and repeat the process on the other dungeons.

Playing this game is like hopping into a time machine. Fans of the original Game Boy get to enjoy endless nostalgia with this game. It is a remake that has preserved Koholint island for the current generation. Nintendo has made the experience more joyful by reimagining the art style and giving the game new life on the Nintendo Switch platform. This entices a newer and wider audience to join this amazing adventure. People looking for sweet childhood memories with the Game Boy should give this game a go on the Switch.

Part of the original game’s merit was its art style which was pixelated to feel friendly while contradicting the darker elements of the game. In this Switch version, the developers have adopted more twilight visuals which resemble a recreation of the other title, Link’s Adventure. The top of the trees and buildings have a glossy finish making them resemble kids’ plastic toys. The game characters have a chubby cute design that renders the game adorable. The colors in the game are vibrant, and oceans get sparkly in the sunlight making the game look visually appealing.

Link’s Awakening is perfect for both kids and adults. The various quests and puzzles keep children engaged and focused to complete them. Numerous puzzles get you thinking regularly for solutions which creates a fun and challenging experience since “who loves a super-easy game?” Various weird children’s imaginations come to life in this game, like a power bracelet that enables Link to lift elephant statues! For an immersive gaming experience that is dream-like for all, this game is perfect.

From glossy cartoonish toys, little pixelated people, bad guys, and monsters, new energy is brought to the game. The hilarious sound effects and lively orchestral music will make you feel like a kid again. In this game, you will be required to meet and greet various inhabitants of Koholint Island which makes this an interactive experience. The bitter-sweet melancholy and playful attitude of this game make it stand out.

Nintendo has implemented many improvements in the quality of life of the game to make it hold up as a current-generation game. The controls for the game on the switch have been conveniently mapped on the keys. There is no longer need for pausing the game constantly to swap out weapons and abilities. Collectibles such as dolls and seashells have been added to the game for extra content. A new game mode for creating your own chamber based on the levels you’ve completed has also been included. Unlike the predecessor, warp points selection in this entry is better with the ability to choose the warp points you want to go to rather than falling into one repeatedly till you get to your destination.

This is the “gold standard” for a more traditional Legends of Zelda experience. Its puzzle galore, inventive dungeons, and a vast explorable world will get you hooked on to your Nintendo Switch for hours. Whether you are already familiar with this title or a newbie to the series, the experience will blow your mind every time. Its mixture of Super Mario like gameplay with twilight visuals and awesome imaginations make this game possibly the best looking game on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s heritage is expressed in a flawless way in Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening.

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