LEVOIT AIR Purifier for a cleaner air

The air around is somewhat contaminated with impurities some of which can carry disease causing organisms, makes it difficult to breathe and cause health complications as well. Home allergies, pets, hair, smoke and more are some things that can make the air at home unfit for breathing, and they have to be put under control for a better air supply. For this to happen, there is need for an air purifier that is of top quality to filter the air, eliminate these impurities thereby making the air a lot cleaner and fit for our body’s consumption. Levoit air purifier for homes is a perfect machine for a better and cleaner air.

These H13 true HEPA air purifiers and filters from Levoit are beautifully designed to be simple yet sleek having a lightweight of 8.88 pounds (4.03 kg). This lightweight makes it portable and easy to carry and place in good positions for effective air purifying performance. The stunning design of this product made the CGD winner for sleek looking appearance and easy to use in 2018. This device offers a high purifying performance as with its core 300 you fill your environment with a clean and crisp air. Eliminate contaminants like pollen, odor, bacteria, household dust, pet dander, mold spores, tobacco smoke and keep them out of your home with this product.

This purifier offers an improved filtration unlike others available in the market having an ultra fine prefilter alongside an activated carbon filter with a larger expansion area and longer length. With this activated carbon filter and larger area, this H13 True HEPA filter traps 99% of fine particles and allergens from as little as microbes to much larger pollutants like dust, smoke and pollen. There is also an enhanced coverage with this air purifiers as a result of an improved airflow advancement in form of its Vortex air technology. This technology makes it possible for the Core 300 to refresh the air 5 times per hour by creating a stronger air flow covering up to 219 sq ft (20 35 m²). The technology gives this device a truly enhanced coverage. Working with 3 in one unique filters keep the air pure and guarantee a cleaner air for easier breath.

Filters available other than the original filter to include a pet allergy filter, toxin absorber filter and the MB give great additional features. The pet allergy filter in addition to the benefits of the original features has a customer high, effective activated carbonized filter for strong pet odor while the toxin absorber filter is extra equipped for smokes and fumes. Filtering mild and musty environments is effective with the MB filter of this product. This product is fully certified by Energy Star, FCC, listed on ETL and more to be of safe energy and safe for use. They do not make use of UV ion light and this makes them free from ozone and good for health.

Built to have an excellent internal structure, the Levoit air purifier is durable and provides a long lasting service. The ability to turn off all display lights when in use as well as an extremely low noise level at 24db, you have the most silent air cleaner and a very comfortable sleep.

Have for yourself undisturbed sweet dreams as well as a clean air free from contaminants with this air purifiers and a great price bargain, you won’t find anything with a better value anywhere.

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