Review on Zumimall Wireless Outdoor Security WiFi Camera, Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Surveillance Camera

Zumimall wireless outdoor security Wi-Fi camera, solar power rechargeable battery surveillance camera, another remarkable product from Zumimall is a 1080P home security camera. It is a night vision, two-way audio, PIR motion detection, IP65, waterproof camera. Zumimall PIR motion detection camera offers security broadcast efficient, as would any type of wireless and wired brand. At an inexpensive price of $110, the outdoor device ensures a continuous delivery of quality results, following proper installation guideline and maintenance for a prolonged lifespan. It comes with a 6000mah solar plate power source to readily charge of the device battery cells.

Zumimall’s motion PIR technology offers wireless communication between you and the surrounding environment, from your close family to your postman and uninvited persons. This is possible, thanks to the 360° good hypersensitive noise cancellation microphone and a speaker that is in built. It possesses a high definition video capture resolution of 1080p with a viewing angle of 130° to provide clarity in image feedback. Anti reflection plate and ICR infrared lighting filter for an excellent night vision, up to 55ft with four IR lens. You get to receive accurate alert on notifications by Cloudedge app, available on the Google Play Store and ios market store.

False alarm is a feature from the adjustment of motion sensitivity and time settings, enabling the camera to detect people and in turn, send signal alerts through the app. The app has the option of sharing multiple accounts, allowing data to be shared to others simultaneously. Instant alerts are sent to your phone, automatically save videos to encrypted micro sd card and cloud storage, depending on your choice of preference.

The solar and outdoor Surveillance camera are both IP65 certificated, equipped to withstand a temperature range of -4 °F to 140 °F, having no problems to work on extreme climate conditions. Totally a wire free, 2 antennae of 4dBi enhancement, provides you with stronger connection and covering a large area in your house with 2;4Ghz. A drawback, compared to 5G, that doesn’t mean the 2;4Ghz is bad. No need to worry taking off the camera for a recharge since it is equipped with a Solar panel power supply plugged in. This wireless outdoor camera can keep running on continuous power, thank Zumimall for that, the 10400mah rechargeable battery it comes with. Let the free, natural sun do the work for you rather than having to incur an extra bill charge due to high wattage consumption.

This product is recommended for parents and individuals who have a bit of paranoia, not a bad thing though and for those who value security. You can be sure of being updated on changes around you, your house and the people you love. Items in the Zumimall IP wireless camera package includes a wireless security camera, 1 solar plate, 2 metal mounts (for camera, and for solar plate), a set of screws. It also includes 1 USB Cable of 1.2 m (no charger) and a quick user guide. Zumimall wireless solar power outdoor security camera meets all the requirement you can ever wish for and more. It comes with a full HD 1080p with a 130° wide viewing angle, an in built 10400mAh rechargeable battery, 360 degree solar panel charging and a 10 m PIR detection and mobile alerts.

Even better, a 2 way audio, 20 m infrared night vision IP65-certificated waterproof, a shared user access through Cloudedge App and an encrypted micro SD and cloud storage. Security in its simplicity, you can place this outdoor IP security camera anywhere you want within 6 minutes after the initial set up, and it comes with a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi. For proper set up, the safety screw of the camera is to be adjusted and solar panel to is to be placed in the desired position in the best angle.

Install the camera at the exact place you want to have it monitored, assert the best place the solar panel will get the needed full sun for most of the day. The distance between the solar panel and the device should be within the range of 14 m (25fts). Secure the 360 security wall by attaching 3 screws, the solar device is to be screwed in a clockwise direction to the screw by the hole located at the back of the solar plate.

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