Jersey Cotton Cloth Face Mask 3-Pack – 100% 2-Layer Cotton – Soft Facemask Mouth and Nose Cover – Universal Adult Size (White)

Airborne diseases have become a major problem and controlling them is a bit harder. Such wind-borne diseases tend to be transmitted faster from one person to another more so in congested areas. It is better to prevent than to cure because prevention is much easier and cheaper compared to cure. Say no to more transmission of airborne diseases because Droplet gourd cloth mask 3-pack 100% 2-layer cotton soft face mask mouth and nose cover is available to offer the best protection services. Jersey cotton face mask will not only protect you from communicable illnesses, but also from strong wind and sun. Summer seems to be hot and the soil happens to be loose, therefore wind can easily carry the dust and deposit it to your nose or mouth.

Such sand particles can be carriers of diseases such as tuberculosis which is dangerous to a person’s health. This means that you need to put on a quality mask that has the ability to provide maximum protection from such agents. Gourd cloth from Droplet is the perfect face mask for you because it comes with enhanced and advanced features that an ideal mask need to have. Jersey face masks come in an awesome size that perfectly fits almost all adult faces much easily with only a few exceptions. The face wears are highly elastic and tensile, meaning, they can stretch abit without tearing. This elastic nature aids in ensuring that almost all face sizes and shapes are fully accommodated.

The fabric contains a four way stretch to ensure that both the nose and mouth are well covered. This fabric’s soft touch and elastic bands allows for a comfy breathing at all times that you put it on. The soft touch provides maximum care for your skin and eye, therefore, no irritation to your eyes, ears and face at large. Protect yourself and others from airborne diseases, maintain your health and that of your family and friends by using this awesome mask from droplet manufacturers. The Jersey cotton mask is highly lightweight, weighing less than twelve grams which is good weight for a comfortable wear. This mask folds nicely into tight folds, hence, making it fit for travel and easy storage.

You can wear the mask in all seasons of the year, you can put it on during summer because of its less weight. Wear it in winter or spring to provide some warmth for the season’s cold. The Jersey contains two cotton protective layers which are all natural, this guarantees users maximum protection. All these layers are of natural fibers that cannot irritate the skin. The mask is washable and reusable, hence, you can use it for as long as you may want to. This is the best wear available for use when the outside temperatures reach a hundred degrees and more because of its lightweight and breathable nature.

For an added protection, you place a coffee filter from the inside of this face wear if you need to. The cotton fabric used in making the masks are biodegradable, and recyclable. This makes Droplet masks friendly to the environment and hence safe for everyday human use. The materials have been tested and confirmed to be safe for use, thereby certified for meeting the set standards for safe face masks. Droplet masks can be put on by anyone regardless of their gender or even face sizes and shapes. This mouth and nose cover is sold out at a relatively cheap price for their great quality. Therefore, nothing should stop you from purchasing this high value mask that offers maximum protection.

This is your chance now, make your order now, and have the best wearing experience for a healthy life free from communicable illnesses. Shipping services are provided at awesomely low prices and deliveries are made in time. Shop now as the stock lasts, and be one of the millions of customers who receive special offers that come along with the purchase. Gift wraps are available, discounts, and cash backs are some offers tailored for all esteemed customers.

Invest on quality, purchase Droplet masks and avoid the hassle of frequent replacements, since, the fabric is durable to serve you long as you may want it to. A health life requires a healthy lifestyle, purchase Jersey cotton face masks to achieve a healthy living.

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