Luigi’s Mansion 3

The name ‘Luigi’, may not make too much meaning to anyone who lives far from the game world. Hence, ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ would just seem more like a building project for a famous person or possibly an ancient mansion recently acquired by an old rich man. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is actually a video game released developed by a Canadian video game company, Next-Level Games. They have been known to produce many games with The Mario Strikers game produced with Nintendo being one of their most famous works.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third sequel in a series of games with Nintendo. First was Luigi’s Mansion, released in 2001, but this game was developed and released solely by Nintendo. The second sequel, Luigi’s Mansion 2 which was popularly known as Luigi’s Mansion : Dark Moon was released in 2013. Next Level Games had established a strong relationship with Nintendo and further strengthened it by developing the second Luigi’s Mansion sequel. Following the huge successes of the two Luigi’s Mansion games, Next-Level Games began work on the third sequel.

Work started on the third sequel, Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the spring of 2018 and was released almost a year later. Luigi, who has always been a less popular game character when compared to his shorter brother, Mario, was popular for his green shirt and cap with the letter ‘L’ on it. Unlike other Mario bros’ games involving the two brothers-Mario and Luigi-, Luigi’s Mansion focuses on Luigi as the major character. With increase in popularity Luigi and his anxious nature as against his brave elder brother, many fans were looking forward to new moves and powers Luigi would possess.

The game is actually set in a hotel rather than a mansion as the name implies. Luigi and his friends –along with his brother, Mario- check in into a hotel owned by the villain, Hellen Gravely who was working with Luigi’s nemesis, King Boo. The game begins a bit slow with a view of gaming processes and the background story. Having checked into the hotel, Luigi, Mario and Princess Peach enter their various rooms adjacent each other. The game begins when Luigi is awakened by noise from Peach’s room, going out of his to discover everyone else had been captured.

Luigi, the only character free in the hotel finds out it is a haunted hotel filled with ghosts. Hellen, who now appears in a purple ghost form reveals to Luigi the main reason for inviting them over to the hotel.

Luigi escapes and falls right down to the basement of the hotel where the game really starts. With a just a flash light, Luigi finds certain equipment needed for handling ghost and creatures as used in previous sequels. Luigi most then navigate through the seventeen story building encountering different oppositions in order to save his friends.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Luigi is equipped with his Ghost bursting tool, the Poltergust G-00 and the Dark-Light Device. A few alterations were made to this the devices giving Luigi the ability to slam Ghosts, shoot a plunger and create shock waves. Luigi is also equipped with the Virtual Boo, a device which gives Luigi communication access to a character Professor Gadd. Each story is filled with different puzzles, cartridges, hints which can all be purchased by money collected through Luigi’s scary journey to the top floor.

The game characters in this sequel include; Luigi, Professor Gadd, King Boo, Hellen Gravely, Mario, Princess Peach, Toads and Googi. This sequel is alike in some ways to the previous sequels, however a few differences are clearly seen. First, it takes place in a haunted seventeen-story hotel rather than a mansion. Second and of more importance is the final battle between Luigi and King Boo. Players are advised to stock up on enough credits before getting to the final story to face King Boo. Once Luigi goes up the final story money won’t be saved before the final battle.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a fun adventure games that gives Nintendo lovers the ability to change strategy when handling enemies. Different stories come with different challenges, hence Luigi has to adjust and take different strategies of sucking and slamming ghosts. A new character, Googi, a gelatinous clone of Luigi is a plus for fans seeing his special abilities and fearless nature unlike the true character, Luigi. It is also very funny and the lighting is superb bringing out the special effects of the characters.

The game is only available on Nintendo Switch, a console designed specially by Nintendo games. Luigi Mansion 3 has gone on to be a huge success since its release. More than five million copies have been sold worldwide, the game has a near perfect rating from game critics. With current activities worldwide, the demand for the game has increased with a copy going for a price between $56 and 57$.

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