HP 2020 17-inch Gaming Laptop, 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H, NVIDA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6 GB), 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home (17-cb1060nr

They invented computers for various reasons since time memorial, and they are being used since. For diverse reasons, people purchased them to help them in performing various tasks in the daily routine life. Computers are being used at workplaces to reduce autonomy, rather than doing a piece of work several while applying the skills, you can use computers. They can function as human beings when given the right commands by the user.

In the past, they were majorly used in offices for formal purposes. That is filing, storing, and processing data, as time progresses, these functions have changed drastically, people use computers even to play games. They also use programmed computers to serve people without having someone to operate them. For these reasons, they are being invented just for specific purposes and in the coming future, every function will have its computer.

Among the many visions in the technological world, they have invented a gaming laptop. Though yet to be released it comes with many features since it’s a 10th generation Intel Core, I7-10750H. This means it has the capability of processing information quickly while playing various games on it. There is an on-chip memory on the processor which gives the power to do repetitive work and frequently accessed information quickly as compared to other laptops.

It has a display of 17 inches, which means the user will have a delightful view of the images processed in this laptop without having to strain to view the components displayed on the screen. Embedded on the screen is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 which has the capability of processing images at 1080 pixels, hence good for gaming. This feature enables the processing of the game to be quick and it is good to have a laptop that has such a feature. They fit the display with anti-glare to protect the eyes of the gamer. This enables them to use the machine for longer durations and not developing eye problems.

Manufacturers made it with a random access memory of eight gigabytes, this allows the user to do more than just gaming using the laptop but additionally operate other features too. A large RAM will enable to perform several functions simultaneously and at a faster rate without having to worry about slow processing speed. Besides the large random access memory, it comes with a flash memory of five hundred and twelve. A combination of good RAM and an enormous memory space enables the laptop to function quickly. Without crushing because of being overwhelmed by the programs that are running on the laptop.

The laptop weighs 7 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around to various destinations and not complaining about it being heavy. In combination with wonderful dimensions, it can easily fit in the user’s backpack. It comes with an operating system of Windows 10, which is light for faster processes by the laptop.

So, not only is it a gaming laptop but can be used for various purposes. It comes with a good lithium battery that lasts for a period of 6 hours when the laptop is used. The lithium battery is preferable because of its lightness hence helping in reducing the weight of the laptop. It also has longer charging cycles than any other battery, this is from 300 cycles to 500 cycles depending on the use by the owner of the laptop.

Purchasing this product is a guarantee that you will forget all the issues you have been experiencing with other models of gaming laptops. It is an era that you should consider the features of a product before purchasing it. This will help you purchase an item that will enable you to have a good experience with your activities without having to worry about the performance of the machine you bought. Quality comes before anything else, the quality of this machine is guaranteed for.

Generally, this laptop has been designed while considering the person that will be using it. The company has embedded protective features like anti-glare to protect the eyes of the user. This is because they understand that gaming can take longer durations when the person is glued to the screen of the laptop. Resulting in damaging the eyes if the anti-glare isn’t installed on the laptop’s screen.

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