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As a journalist, there are meetings you can go that will not allow you to carry the big media cameras, as the meeting may not allow video coverage. However, you may still want to cover it to expose something that is happening in secret, or just to add up to your story. You need a camera that will get you the right quality, and will not be noticed by the people you are meeting. Being a journalist or a detective, you need a spy mini camera that is disguised to be a pen. As you know, a pen is an important thing in every meeting, and it won’t be suspected. We shall look into the features of the mini spy camera pen and its features, and how to best use it.

One of the features is portability; the mini spy pen is small, and you can carry it even on your pocket. This mini spy camera pen is so small and portable, that you can carry it with ease without being noticed. It avoids the stress of the heavy media cameras that are tiresome, and also needs a lot of protocol. When you want to cover something as a detective, you just need to put it in your pocket, and remove it when you want to start recording.

Every video has to be of good quality and resolution, so that it shall be easy to see details. The mini spy camera pen assures you of quality HD image, at HD 1080P DV DC, to assure clarity in your video. This camera too gives you the best quality in-terms of resolution, to make sure you can capture the details in the video with ease. As a detective journalist, you need quality to help you prove a point or expose it without causing questions with unclear images.

Another important factor to consider is the transmission speed of the spy camera. You can’t afford to miss that important coverage or words, due to a failure in your transmission speed. Therefore, you need a camera that ensures that you cover everything with ease. The mini spy camera pen comes with a USB 2 interface of high transmission speed, to ensure that your work is done perfectly. Your audience wants every detail of your coverage, and missing some can make the whole story change its meaning or lose meaning completely. The mini spy camera pen is designed to be easily controlled, and easy to set. You can switch easily from the tip, and also zoom into an object or person with ease and without being noticed.

To do the under cover work perfectly, you need a disguised camera that won’t raise questions or suspicion. The mini spy camera pen is an important tool in that regard because it is designed to look like just a normal pen and everyone carries a pen to the meetings or anywhere. A pen is a tool that is used in the office and outside office; everyone needs a pen and so carrying it can’t cause any suspicion.

The mini spy camera pen has a slot for an SD card, where you can insert an external storage to help you store your videos well, however, the spy camera pen doesn’t come with the Microsoft SD card. It is therefore advised that you get your own original card to help you save your videos well. The camera however, has an internal storage, that can help you keep some of your videos securely.

Battery life is another important aspect to consider when choosing a spy camera. You don’t want to go on field, only to get frustrated when your camera goes off due to power shortage. The mini spy camera pen has a built-in lithium battery, that can last for upto 330 minutes, a translation of more than five hours. This battery has a capacity of 850 mAh, and can be charged for only three hours.

The mini spy camera pen comes packaged with one hidden camera pen, a USB cable and a user manual. That cable helps you to transfer data from your camera to the computer, and also charging the camera. The user manual also comes together with the camera to help you understand how to perfectly use your camera.

To complete your work as a detective, you need the mini spy hidden camera pen. This is a product worth buying as it will help you get the best out of your career undetected. There is no extra cost after purchase, and so it saves your money.

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