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More Myself: A Journey

The following is a review of ”More Myself: A journey”, a book which was written by Alicia Keys. Alicia is a representative of today’s woman and has won the Grammy awarding-winning artist fifteen times. In addition, she is a specialist in songwriting and music production. Apart from being an actor and best-selling author of New York Times, Alicia is also a film and Broadway producer, an entrepreneur and a determined activist. From 2001 when she released her debut album Songs in the key of a minor, she has made sales over forty million records and made other series of achievements. The artist stays in New York City with her husband and children.

Being among the best-ranked musician over the world, the author has drawn the attention of the globe with her soothing lyrics, amazing voice and not forgetting her piano compositions and arrangements. The author has been having challenging issues of relationship with her dad, people pretense to support her objectives in her career as well as family-related problems. To add on, many females expected her to be perfect in everything as a person of high fame.

Since Keys rose to fame, she has believed that being truthful to the public is what she needs to do. Although in her book, it is evident that she has never understood who she is fully as well as her worthiness. It had been long that the author had withheld parts of herself for so long looking for answers to questions that surrounded her mind. The author goes ahead to question her identity and how to uphold what is truthful upon discovering it.

Keys herself has been a documented narrative and also a part of autobiography. Her walk of life is brought to light by her own personal experience as well as through various testimonies of those whom she interacted with. The result is a 360-degree perspective on the author’s life journey from her childish hood to adulthood when she came to discover about herself all that we have to go through.

Alicia Keys shares her thirst for truth about herself, her previous life, and her move to make an about-turn from celebrating her spirit to her worthiness. With the truth that she represents through her artistic skills, people are called to identify themselves in today’s society that rarely advocates for what is right and true identity.

The book is written in English and has a total of two hundred and seventy-two pages. It was published by Flatiron Books publishers on March 31, 2020. The product has a shipping weight of fifteen point seven ounces and the item can be shipped internally and internationally. It measures approximately 6 x 1 x 10 inches with ISBN-10: 1250153298. A great product hence it is advisable you purchase the product and get to know who you are and you’re worthy.

The users of this book include and not limited to; literature students and teachers who use the product to get moral teachings and lessons. Furthermore, some institutions use the book to test literature examinations hence students use it to prepare for examinations. It is a guide for all artists, musicians and songwriters to incorporate moral teachings in their work to guide the users in doing what is right. By reading this book, they should know that their talent not only defines who they are but they need to understand more about themselves. Philosophers use it to extract the philosophical content in it hence it contributes much to disciplines such as English and philosophy. Discovering oneself is more of a philosophical term hence this book is more of inspiration than examination.

This product to those who use it as they can enjoy a variety of benefits not limited to; it helps those who use it make a self-discovery. The author was not perfect until she discovered who she was. It calls people to look at their past, make a U-turn and work towards discovering their purpose in life.

Alicia’s work is an advocate of truth in today’s society hence calls for people to discover what truth is and use, practice it and forget about their past experience. Despite the challenges in life, she inspires all to remain focused and conquer the ailments. It is good to work and upon purchase, you will really enjoy to the fullest.

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