MSI Non-Glare Curved HDR Gaming Monitor Review

Monitors are large determinants of gaming experience and can determine how enjoyable your video gameplay will be. You need a monitor with high graphics and can make no flicker especially while playing very fast games like action or sports games. The MSI Non-Glare Curved HDR Gaming Monitor perfectly defines all that you need for a gaming PC as it beats these specs with many other pluses.

MSI 27 inches’ monitor is made curved, at 1500R curvature rate, for you to be able to see all dimensions of view and also to find things faster on your screen as you play. Your eyes will thank you for a monitor like this as it reduces distortion to reduce fatigue and blurred vision as the game time increases. Contrast and shadows adjustments give an eye-catching detail of what is on the screen. It will get you into the full action, immersing you wholly into it, to make the gameplay enjoyable since it will provide you with a wider viewing angle than what screen monitors that are flat will provide.

The non-glare feature of this monitor prevents light and sun glare on the display for you to see just what is on the screen alone with no distraction. Fast-moving games are not a problem for this monitor with its refresh rate being 165Hz and its inbuilt AMD GPU which will prevent tearing or stuttering.

Some common monitors usually have about 200 flickers in just a second but are not quite visible and eventually cause fatigue as watch time increases. Anti-flicker technology included specification in this monitor, totally reduces the flicker rate to serve you with comfort while viewing. To reduce eyes straining, blue light that is displayed by the monitor is reduced just for you to enjoy gameplay for a longer time without being experiencing fatigue.

Owners of laptops are not excluded from using this apparatus as they can conveniently connect to the monitor via the HDMI ports. There are two HDMI inlets that you can simply connect with your devices to enjoy your game on a larger screen. Display ports and USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) are also attached for you to be able to connect different gadgets no matter their connection medium. You can adjust the tilt for you to make a setting that will be convenient for you.

Gamers and users of large display should get a piece of this production and they will recommend and get more. Data analysts, product designers, graphic designers, and other large monitor users in corporate organizations will benefit so much with this friendly display as it significantly reduces their rate of fatigue and makes them enjoy what they do more.

For a price of about $325 to around $345 for both OPTIXG27C4 and OPTIXMAG272C monitor styles respectively, it is a good choice if either of these MSI monitor types is gotten. The later monitor version is embedded with the HDMI and USB ports while the former does have the amazing features of the latter except for the absence of the ports.

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