Near Mint Condition The Beatles Vinyl Record Review

Record collecting has been around ever since records or vinyls were invented yet many have made it into some kind of sport. It has become a big thing especially for the younger generation to collect sealed, mint condition and rare vinyls. The craze among youngsters developed when the hippy phase of the 70’s returned to modern world and many young people flocked to get their hands on a record player and rare collectors item vinyls. Owning an unopened vinyl, you probably understand the value of just one of them. If you own a few, you’re already a king in the collectors game. It may seem like a useless idea to collect records as some may believe that there is no use to having music that you cannot listen to but this weird hobby may just make you a millionaire someday. Nowadays many record collectors flock to the sales of rare and famous albums not only for the record itself but also for the certification, limited edition stickers and sometimes even autographs.

No matter your age you have to be living under a rock if you do not know who The Beatles are. The beautiful melodies and striking harmonics has left millions of people around the world collecting albums and vinyls from the beloved band that is The Beatles. Music from The Beatles has traveled through the ears of many people, young and old for years. The Beatles were an English rock band, originally from Liverpool that was formed in 1960 and is known as the most influential band of all time. Members of the band included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Their success was and will always be memorable as The Beatles quickly and rapidly grabbed the hearts of millions over the world, there was not one home that did not listen to The Beatles.

Anthology 3 is a record by The Beatles which was released on 28 October 1996 and contains a compilation of songs written by The Beatles between 1967 and 1970. As any music collectors dream would be to own not just one but all three of the Anthology series. Nowadays it is extremely hard to find limited edition, mint condition vinyls by The Beatles and when you do you have to act fast as they sell within the blink of an eye.

The Anthology 3 album was produced and recorded by EMI Studios and Apple Studios in London. Well-known producer of this album was George Martin and the album is a length of 145 minutes. This album includes rare and alternative tracks among the loved tracks by The Beatles during the last three years of their career as a band. Anthology 3 received a certification of 3 times Platinum by RIAA and was among the most popular album on the United States charts.

This record is a steal and running out of stock fast as the record in question is an original limited addition, sealed and mint condition vinyl. The Anthology 3 Vinyl is an authentic Beatles mono stereo vinyl and comes with a lifetime guarantee and a certified letter of authenticity. On the rare vinyl you can find songs such as A Beginning, Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, Polythene Pam and many more classics. Controversial and any collectors dream is the only way to explain owning this beautiful vinyl. After the death of John Lennon and George Harrison, The Beatles name became even more popular even though the band split in 1970. The band’s influence on music, literature, art and fashion was out of this world and in those days was seen as different and rebellious which in turn made them famous.

To get your hands on this set will be like finding the holy grail, the album hold many songs that have never been heard before which makes it a treasure in the music industry. This would be the ultimate album to add to your vinyl collection, separating you from the ordinary collector. The Beatles have always been kings in the eyes of music lovers and we have all tried to savor everything we possibly could from this band as we remember the joy they brought to our homes. It’s nostalgic to be able to own something not only valuable in money but also in memories.

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