New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Gold

Apple company has been in the forefront, producing phones with amazing power and features that no company has ever produced before. The company has also produced laptops that have proven to be powerful and reliable to use than other types of laptops. You will realize that apple products are always of higher quality than almost all the other products from different companies. Whenever you go to any store to purchase a phone and ask for a powerful phone, all the vendors usually recommend that you take home an iPhone since it is from the apple company. The same scenario applies to iPad since they are in demand as iPhone. Finding an iPad that will cover all your needs and make you do your activities as fast as you want can prove to be hectic. That is why the Apple company released the new Apple iPad that will ensure that you receive the best experience while using it.

The iPad comes with a 10.2-Inch retina display, which is an ability that doesn’t show the pixels at a viewing distance. Each user interface in a retina display item is doubled in the width to compensate for small pixels and as a result you will not be able to see the pixels. The display therefore is presented in smooth curves and sharpness of printed texts. This makes it a preferable item as opposed to the other types of iPad devices that shows the pixels and as a result, makes texts and images appear blurry. The large screen has an LCD panel with higher resolution to make the screen colorful and appealing to the eyes. This iPad has a water-resistant case that makes it be resistant even after water splashes on the device.

These abilities make the Apple iPad a preferable electronic device that can be used to perform many functions that the normal iPad cannot perform. The large screen also enables you to multitask on the same screen. You can use the iPad’s screen split option to allow you to do more than one task via the same iPad. While drawing using the iPad, you can watch your favorite videos on that same page.

The iPad comes with lightning connectors that can host computers, external monitors, cameras, USB battery charger and other items. It is charged for a short while and its battery life is up to 10 hours of continuous usage. This is an added advantage as most devices of these kind do not store power for that long due to the LCD size hence much power consumption. The device has a CPU of the latest technology, the A10 Fusion chip that has a high clock rate making the device to be more powerful and faster. This chip is mostly found in the Apple products and it is one of the items used to increase the speed of an iPhone and iPad. The iPad is found in many stores around the globe and it doesn’t cost much as most people can afford to own the iPad.

You can print your documents and items direct from the iPad to the printer as the device supports wireless functions such as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Most phones get lost as a result of theft and poor security methods that are in your iPad. The Apple iPad comes with a fingerprint sensor that allows you to place your fingers and use them as a source of security. This is one guaranteed method of ensuring for your device’s safety as every person has their fingerprint different from the others. The fingerprint option will reduce the theft rate as you will not be able to access the iPad without the owner’s fingerprint. This security measure places the iPad ahead of most of the other iPad devices.

The iPad comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB which is a big size to store music, movies and all the documents that you need. Most iPads do not have a large storage capacity hence the Apple iPad is a preferred item for use. Its gold color makes it become appealing to the eye. It has a smart keyboard that is used when in need and a cover that covers the keyboard when not in use.

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