New Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage) – Silver

Apple inc is a trendsetter in the technology sector and has realized many revolutionary designs. Some of these technologies include the first GUI interface computer system. Then there were the multi-colored translucent plastic casings for monitors that were eye-catching. Apple Computers set the standard for Tablet design by redesigning its interface. They introduced different casing materials, like the Titanium, Aluminum, and Poly carbonate structures. While making sleek designs, they introduced the thinnest laptop in 2008.

There have been many models of Apple laptop computers to the present. It began with the Macintosh portable, an early laptop running on the 68000 CPU at 16 MHz. The display is an almost 10 inch, monochrome, and a 640 by 400 LCD screen. Memory consisted of a 1 MB SRAM, though expandable to 9 MB. Storage includes a 40 MB hard drive and 3 and a half-inch floppy disk. Power comes from a 5 watt, sealed lead-acid battery capable of 13-ampere current.

Mac Book series, launched in 1992, had several models in its iteration. They were two groups, the 680×0 and the PowerPC processor-based systems. This model sets the standard for laptop layout design, especially the keyboard. It won many design awards including the “laptop of the year” award in 2005. Clock speed rose from 25 MHz in the early versions, to 1 point 67 GHz in recent versions. Color screens with displays of 1650 by 1050 pixels, measuring 21 inches developed.

This Silver Book is a Mac Book with a 13 point 3-inch Retina display. The display for this device is 2560 by 1600 pixels True tone screen. This technology produces images with four times the quality of regular Apple screens. When used together with True tone technology, the display adapts to ambient light. Its keyboard is back lit for nighttime operations and has a wider pad. The keyboard has a Touch ID sensor that supports fingerprint login.

It also supports online transactions like shopping, without the need for passwords. This is because of the Apple T2 security chip, that performs real-time encryption of all your data. The encrypted data gets stored on the disk or gets transmitted across networks. This is the Mac Book’s security system, integrating SSD, audio, storage, and boot control. It runs from Firmware, which means that unauthorized access is not possible. This chip also runs Siri, Apple’s AI-powered assistant to help access Apple services.

The processor is a 1 point 2 GHz Intel quad-core i5 chip, and run on the IOS operating system. But it is possible to install the Windows 10 OS, owing to the Intel chip. Data storage uses 512 GB fast SSD which is 3 to 4 times faster than magnetic disks. RAM uses SRAM chips, which are 6 times faster than cheaper DRAM alternative. The default system memory is 8 GB and is expandable to 16 GB such that it runs many applications. Its sound system has stereo speakers with 25% more volume than previous Apple laptops.

They also have twice as much bass, resulting in cleaner realistic sound. To capture sound realistically, there are 3 microphones on the system, others have one. Besides the common ports and WiFi connectivity, is the use of USB C ports. There are 2 such ports with data rates of 40 GB/s, twice that of the previous model. Apart from charging devices, it connects to displays, external disks, and other devices. This port and connector do not have a right side up, it works both ways.

Power comes from a non-removable Lithium-ion polymer battery, providing 11 hours of power. It is an 11 point 4 volts 49 point 9 watt-hour battery with a 1000 charging cycles. This Mac has a beveled Aluminum casing, measuring 11 point 97 inches by 8 point 36 inches by 0 point 16 inches. Regardless of the power and functionality of this tool, it weighs 2 point 8 lb. Apple has a recycling policy, such that the laptop gets traded in for a newer model at a discount. The Aluminum and other parts are reused on new Apple products.

Video editors and movie producers cannot do without this mass storage device. Their trade, requires plenty of memory and storage when editing and rendering. Storage is upgrade able to 2 TB of SSD storage, plenty of storage for high definition media. SSD storage speeds the process of rendering video content down to a few hours. The graphics system supports the high-resolution media content when previewing it. High bass output and higher volume simulate a theatre experience when playing clips.

Emergency services like fire and rescue will find this mac to be an invaluable data tool. Battery life is 11 hours, more or less the whole day when charged. It has a rugged exterior suitable for outdoor situations. The laptop is a fair bargain no matter the task at hand.

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