New Kindle And Why It’s The Best Purchase

The Certified Refurbished Kindle and why it is the best purchase you will make.

Yes, it’s a pre-owned Kindle but it has been upgraded and tested to work like new and it comes with a full one year warranty. It’s as if you are purchasing a brand new Kindle for a lower price.

Many of us know about the original Kindle Touch which in it’s own was a mind blowing experience for readers all over the world and all in all a great investment. When the Certified Refurbished Kindle hit the market, many people wondered what it would offer. Would it be the same or better than the previous generation of E readers? It comes with no surprise that Kindle has truly outdone themselves with the Refurbished Kindle.

The Refurbished Kindle has many new improvements such as a higher resolution screen. This specific spec was previously only available in the more expensive Kindle Voyager but for a lesser price you can find great resolution in the Refurbished Kindle. It also comes with a light for the screen which can be adjusted by you. Setting the screen light as high or as low as you would need it during different times of the day. Comparing the processor of the Certified Refurbished Kindle with the previous generation Kindle, it refreshes faster and switches between multiple pages with ease. It is only a six inch E reader and thin enough to fit perfectly into your purse or bag for when you are travelling.

The screen texture of the Certified Refurbished Kindle has a very paper-like feel to it. As you run your finger over the screen it has a grip to it. This feature will make it easier for you to navigate in between books or pages. You would not have to worry about something accidentally touching your screen and click out of the book you are in, it is also a much more comfortable feel. The texture of the screen is also to help with any glares that may occur when you are reading outside, with a 167 ppi glare-free display.

Kindle has added a few extra features which include being able to drag and highlight passages. Making it easy for the user to add notes whenever they please for future reference. Kindle changed up the fonts for the Refurbished Kindle, making it easier to read as the font is slightly bigger. You can choose between a variety of font sizes and layouts, spacing between passages and paragraphs. Their goal for the Refurbished Kindle is to make it distraction free for the reader as you can look up definitions, translate words and adjust text size without having to leave the page. Make reading a luxury as you can set it to show you where you are located in each book or how many minutes you have left in a chapter.

Another upgrade to the Certified Refurbished Kindle is the battery, one charge will last you a few days to weeks before having to plug it in to charge again. Kindle provides a variety of options from books, audio-books and even newspapers with thousands to choose from. For an extra cost you can become a Prime Reader, meaning you can read anything for free with unlimited access. The Certified Refurbished Kindle also comes with extra special offers which are only available to you once you have purchased the Refurbished Kindle.

After trying the Certified Refurbished Kindle, you will never read another hard copy book again. Kindle makes this reading device easy to use and practical at the same time. It is much easier to pop the E reader into your bag when you are out and about. You do not have to stress about the battery life at all as it will not drain if you do not use it. The adjustable light makes it so easy to read all hours of the day without hurting your eyes.

Options without distractions are available at your fingertips, you can read with ease and comfort. It really is such a great device, user friendly, practical and affordable. The Certified Refurbished Kindle may be a pre-owned Kindle but it surely looks and feels like a brand new one for an even more affordable price. This is by far a good investment.

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