Newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite tablet Review

For years, Samsung as done a good job of making several successful Android launches. Ranking second as the best mobile phone manufacturer, they never seem to relent in the uniqueness and durability of their products. The newly released Samsung Galaxy tab S6 Lite is one those successful devices. If searching for an Android tablet that makes watching videos and playing game fun, the S6 Lite is concrete choice. This Cellular has great performance, durable and affordable, with just 400 dollars a brand new Samsung Tablet can be purchased.

Aside the price, it has amazing features that would leave user in a daze. The tablet looks portable slim bezels that makes it look thin and flat, and has incredible display view. S6 lite main feature is the fact that it comes with an S pen that can be used on the Tablet’s screen. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite looks almost identical to it’s much expensive counterparts and functions as good as them. There is also an absence of home screen button that makes the device look unique and standard. This device has a light weight that makes it easy to hold for a long time without the hands getting tired.

The flat Tab includes a writing pen that can be used to write, draw or doodle, this pen is used to take notes and assist people with speech difficulties. Lightweight design is important for most devices, but all the more so for a tablet you’re going to be holding for long periods to read or write on. This pen is about the same size as a regular writing pencil, users do not have to worry about the pencil getting lost because it easily magnets to the notepad. Another good attribute of this S pen is that it restores notes that were deleted mistakenly and will automatically recognize your handwriting and show what you’ve written so you can easily search it later.

At first glance, users can see that the Samsung Galaxy has glass front with metal frame, this thick materials makes the phone feel strong and prevent it from being destroyed if mistakenly dropped. Don’t get the wrong idea though, this hard materials doesn’t affect the weight of the Cellphone in any way. The device weighs one point and a dimension of zero point twenty-eight for length, six-inches for width and nine as height, this size is average for other phones of this type. Moving to the back of the device, there is a real camera located at the top-left corner, a Three millimetre headphone jack at the top, volume and power button on the edges and USB port on one of the edges. The headphone jack is used together with an ear piece to listen to music, while the USB port requires charger to be plugged in, to change the S6 Tab.

Now, to the battery, the life of the battery is very impressive as it can easily last the whole day even when in use. This battery supports 15W fast charging that enables the cell charge full in just a short time, users do not need to worry about charging all the time because the battery is durable lasting up to 13 hours when fully charged. The Samsung Galaxy can be easily bought on the Samsung website or any other gadget shopping stores for as low as 400 dollars and shipped to any destination with some stores offering free shipping.

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