A Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?: Color Away Pandemic Chaos! Stress relieving and relaxing coloring pages to help you deal with the craziness of this world

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic taking a substantial hit at the world, billions of people are left stranded across the globe. Economies are sinking, whereas millions of people are losing jobs. This has forced many to stay at home, to help contain the spread of the virus. Sadly, for those used to taking walks, or going to the club for a bottle of beer, maybe to catch the game, it may take longer than expected. Due to this, you may opt to get something that will help calm your nerves as a result of the devastating pandemic. It is for this reason that you need to get a book that best understands your frustrations like “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?”

‘Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?’ is not just an ordinary book like any other novel. This book describes and illustrates the best way of you handling frustrations about a pandemic, like the novel coronavirus. The author of the book thought out well the best means of relaying your desperation in the adult coloring book. At the back of the book, it contains a message on the hard life that has forced people to keep on sanitizing themselves, which is quite tricky, given that man’s nature to forget is very easy. The adult coloring book allows you to relax your mind by coloring away the chaos brought about by the pandemic.

This book is recommended to adults, especially those that are frustrated and have no clue of controlling their anger towards the pandemic. You can use the book to understand different aspects of the current situation as well as enjoy the author’s humor. The coloring pages have exciting characters that you may find to be humorous. Having this book helps you catch a glimpse of the funny side of the current pandemic. This helps to relieve the pressure and stress that is more likely to be caused by the current epidemic. In light of spreading the humor, you can surprise a friend or family member with the “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” book as a gift during this quarantine season.

The ”Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” involves activities that are more engaging to you. If you didn’t enjoy the coloring sessions while you were in kindergarten, then “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” will force you to get down to business. Enjoy coloring the different adult images as you relieve yourself from the stress or discomfort of not going out. This works well in killing time, especially in this quarantine period. Imagine staying in your room the whole day, no water, no fresh air, no money; it can be detrimental for you. It’s for this reason that the “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” Adult coloring book guarantees to relieve you from that stress with a simple touch. Having your colors ready and a cold soft drink near you, then the coloring of the images will be undoubtedly fun.

The frustrations of staying indoors can easily make you go crazy, especially if you’re an extrovert. Luckily, having a copy of the adult coloring book is more likely to help you fight depression. Getting engaged with the activities of the book like the coloring of different characters helps in relaxing your mind. At some point, you will forget that there is a pandemic for sure. This book is a good motivation when you feel disappointed, stressed, and frustrated—buying the “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” book guarantees to shine a light in your situation during the dark times.

The adult coloring book is printed single-sided to improve your coloring experience. This makes it easy to color the different adult characters on every page. You will also note that the author has made use of several characters, all of which portray different adult coloring styles. This makes it exciting and engaging for you to peruse along with its pages.

Therefore, purchasing the “Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?” adult coloring book is worth it. Firstly, it retails at an affordable price, which is so amazing and worth every cent. Second, it will help you kill time quickly during this quarantine season. Third, the adult coloring book engages you in tonnes of activities, which helps shed light on the current pandemic. Fourth, you are guaranteed to have a magical laugh of the year, given its hilarious and humorous characters. Finally, fifth, you will get therapy for the frustrations and anger brought about by the current pandemic.

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