Dog Rook Bark Collar – Humane, No Shock Training – Action Without Remote – Vibration & Sound Care Modes – for Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds – No Harm Deterrent Vibrating Control Collar

A dog collar is a material that is wrapped around a dog’s neck for purposes that are beneficial. Unlike other collars, the Dog Rook Bark Collar is safe and does not damage the trachea of your dog. It is possible to attach a tag for identification which may contain your telephone number in case your dog gets lost. For such a case, the person close to it will contact you and bring the dog back. Medical information can be attached to this type of collar to protect human’s health.

The bark collar can be attached to a lease to control the movement of your dog. This ensures that the dog does not disturb when sleeping or taking a walk. If you like your pet dog to be fashionable, then Dog Rook Bark Collar is the best option for you. In case of rain, splash of water or snow, you do not have to worry since this type of collar is resistant to water. The weight of the collar is 90 grams, therefore, it is comfortable for the dog to have it over a long time.

There are two modes that the Dog Rook Bark Collar contains: the temperament learning and the user-selected type. Temperament learning and user-selected modes are normally shown by green and blue lights respectively. A person can manually choose the correction level that is desirable using the user-select mode. The bark collar corrects the dog that barks to the required level. On the other hand, temperament learning works automatically by tracking the needed number corrections to reduce the number of undesirable barks. The two modes have seven vibration modes that are safe and enable the dog to understand the level of barking that is not desirable.

As stated earlier, this type of collar is automatic; hence, a remote is not required to control the barking of the dog. Therefore, the owner is not required to train the dog physically as it can train on its own and later stops barking naturally. This collar type does not stop the barking by causing shock to the dog. Besides, the dog does not have to be rewarded each time it stops barking because such a dog will learn that it should first bark for it to get treated. Any form of reward should only be provided when it does not bark at all.

Dog Rook collar is made up of two plastic prongs and 2 plastic covers which are strong. These prevent the dog from exerting pressure against its neck, therefore preventing injury. The collar is designed to fit all dog sizes between 10 lbs and 110 lbs. Unlike other collars that may be tight or lose to the dog’s neck, this fits perfectly to any neck of up to 56 centimetres. This means that there is no need to take the value of circumference of your dog’s neck before you buy the bark collar. Just be confident about the Dog Rook collar that you will buy because it will definitely fit your dog.

Furthermore, it has two Li-ion batteries that are not removable so that they can last for a long time. These batteries can be re-energized when their charge is used up and may take about 2 hours to get fully charged. Charging can be done by connecting the collar to an Adapter, a Power Bank, or a PC. After the collar has been fully charged, it can take up to 20 days before it is charged again. Low battery is indicated by 3 beeps which are then accompanied by a vibration. Occasionally, the collar is removed from the neck of the dog and its inner parts cleaned thoroughly. A user is required to adjust the strap in a way that a finger can fit between the collar and the neck.

It has a low price lying between US $25 and US $27 and can be purchased online or in their stores. Dog Rook Company has selected countries for the delivery of the product but is in the process of extending delivery to other regions. The customer should train the dog better by accompanying voice to the collar reaction. In case it doesn’t work for your dog or you need further information, you are required to contact the seller.

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