Outdoor Security Camera

Insecurity issues has been on the rise lately with the highest number of people being unemployed. Burglary cases have flauted the world especially in densely populated areas of urban regions. With outdoor security camera, people can keep their homes safe and secure. It contains HD 1080P to capture videos and images clearly even during the night. Detects any movement and alerts you if intruders are in the compound hence good to people who love privacy. It is easy to manage the people entering your home because you have the right to deny specific group of people or persons from accessing your compound.

The outdoor securit camera alerts you if any peculiar event takes place at your house. An alarm will notify you from wherever place you are prompting you to take immediate action. The 24 hour home security camera offers protection by delivering clear images and videos enabled by the megapixel HD lens. An angle of 85-degrees reduces blind spots to ensure clear vision during the night. It contains 24 infrared LED light with IR light that automatically turns on in the dark. Provides 2 storage options; SD card storage and cloud storage allowing more space for storage of videos and images.

Prevents false movement detection with the PIR motion sensor that uses Wi-Fi connection. It senses real motion and saves video to SD cards before sending a notification alert. False movements are those caused by animals or insects, such motions are detected but the PIR sensor won’t send notifications alert to your phone. This device is plugged outside your house on a wall and covers a 32 feet area of viewing. Outdoor security camera makes it easy to monitor full compound while on a strategic position. Keeps you prepared to fight an enemy or take immediate action before damage occurrence.

Works with or without Wi-Fi connection, can also operate using hot spot. Supports 2GHz Wi-Fi and hot spot to enable steady signal with a range of 20 metres. With the IP66 waterproof, the camera can withstand any weather conditions especially rainy days. Water does not pose any effects on the security camera, its IP66 waterproof feature protects the product from such issues. The outdoor security camera provides high resolution enabling clear visibility of image. Monitor the progress of your home while away using remote check HD live video. Provides you the general picture of your home whenever you are not around to monitor things by yourself.

After purchasing the product, you are given a quick guide to direct you on how to operate the device, an adapter and CCTV camera. Some of the precautions to put into consideration include; pressing the reset button for factory reset and wait for the system to start up, works with 2 GHz Wi-Fi router hence not compatible with 5GHz. Supports two storages but one needs to subscribe to cloud storage before using it to store videos and images. Avoid false motion detection with the adjustable motion sensibility.

Sharing safety information with family members is allowed, members can share accounts password and different footage for security purposes. When you are away, other family members can monitor the security progress of your home and family. The outdoor security camera maintains privacy of your house by ensuring only required guests visit the house. Children stay happy and well secured inside the house or around their home compound. Less money is spent on employing security officers to take care of the home safety. In most cases, their services will not be needed, the camera reports everything directly to you.

A family safety should always be our top most priority, get informed or view live video of your home through your phone. Notifications will be sent directly to your smartphone. Keep your property safe and secured throughout by purchasing this outdoor camera. With full HD of 1080p, clear visibility is ensured, good image quality and wide viewing angle. Be on the frontline of maintaining and providing home security to curb burglary cases in the country and keep the country safe. Retrieve important footage from cloud or SD cards and zoom the pictures anytime you need to revisit a certain incident that took place. The outdoor security camera with IP66 waterproof is the right device to control your home.

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