OVEHEL Mini Wifi Camera HD 1080P

Being security conscious is a very significant thing in our daily lives today. But there are different approaches to ensuring that this is accurately done. Do you know you can watch out for your own safety all by yourself? See everything you need to even if you are away or around by spying without any course of alarms with OVEHEL Mini Wifi spy Cam!

Are you looking for the best car cam coder? Look out for your kids when you quickly run to the store for groceries? Monitor your office, warehouse, see what your pets are up to or record some aerial action? Ranking number two of the top ten best mini spy cams with an 8.7 popularity rating, this spy camera is the right one for you.

Unlike other CCTV monitoring cameras, OVEHEL Spy Camera is a wireless camera with both audio and video recording ability and a night vision. It can totally disappear into where it has been placed, making it impossible to get noticed. A very important point to note if you want to be discrete with your spy activity. This spy cam can be connected to a 3 GHz router anywhere around your home. Though it also functions without any connections, video and snapshots can still be taken while offline.

OVEHEL Camera takes high resolution videos at about 1920x1080p HD at 30 frames per second, at an approximate distance of 5m, videoing at an angle range of 150 degrees. All the videos are in AVI format with an about 40 to 60 minutes (1 hour) recording time. In the dark or when there is less light available to make capturing clear, the infrared lights can be activated by switching to night mood. No physical lights beams to alert you of its presence.

An internal magnet which comes with it helps the spy to be easily adsorbed on any metal or iron surface. You may also be concerned about the space capacity, but that is literally the last thing to worry about. The mini spy camera comes with a 32GB memory card space that can automatically record and overwrite the old card files when it gets full.

Charging is not a problem as this ovehel spy camera comes with a USB mini charger that can be used to plug its 250mAh battery from a direct power source or a power bank. Charge can take about two and a half hours to full.

How do you view live streams from the camera if you are not home? Do not worry, that is barely a major issue. The thing about this brand that is truly interesting is, they had this product excellently planned out to have no issues or difficulties while in use. Impressively, you can access live streams from your Android, IOS, mac or desktop regardless of where you are.

How is it done? They got you covered on that one too. You can simply install the app and on which ever device you choose to make use of, connecting the camera to it and activating to live stream right from your device. To be rest assured, you get notifications whenever there is detected movement by your spy on the app.

When you feel you have missed out something, videos can be replayed by accessing the playbacks of all clips from the App.

We all know how important durability is to us when we decide to purchase an item, and there is no doubt you are looking out for that too while considering a spy camera. Security cameras that come with so many added values like this one are doubtlessly good enough to serve long term,

So, trusting this mini spy comes with no regrets. Installation procedures or instructions comes with the item on delivery, and is barely difficult to set up.

Generally, other mini spy cameras like this come with limited features and you can understand that the price and size fits the functions. But when we put into consideration what OVEHEL wireless camera can do. It is nowhere near the size.

Now, after reading the outrageous things this little spy can pull off you are probably wondering how much you would have to spend to secure your own. Little price for such a luxurious item can mean good news to you if you are already jumping up in jubilee, and yes the price is way more affordable compared with the features it comes with. Best value, excellent features at best price, It won’t let you down.

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