Portable Lenovo Chromebook HD display MT817C processor 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC

Chromebooks are portable laptops with an operating system of Google Chrome. They work like Windows laptops, and could even work faster than some Windows computers. Lenovo 100E Chromebook has a screen size of about 30 cm. It displays images with 1366×768 pixels, and it is powered by MediaTek MT 8173C processor. This Chromebook runs on a RAM (Random Access Memory) size of 4 GB and internal storage of 32 GB eMMC TLC SSD. Some features that determine the quality of any laptop are the RAM and ROM size, processor, screen resolution and CPU frequency, the quality of this Lenovo will be analyzed based on these features.

The product has a good resolution display, it displays images with 1366×768 pixels. This means that you can view your images and videos in HD format, HD pictures are crispy and bright. With this picture quality, you will not miss any picture detail. High-definition picture quality is the standard view for clear and digital photos and videos, this Lenovo Chromebook offers you this amazing feature at a cheap price. The screen size of this Chromebook is about 30 cm, this makes the laptop portable, you can enjoy your HD views in a portable screen.

This Chromebook offers you MediaTek MT8173C processor and co-processor graphics of Powervr GX6250. What does this mean to you? Processors are the main part of the CPU that control and instruct other parts of your computer. It is the brain of your laptop, it determines the fastness of your system while co-processor are supplementary processors that supports the graphical work of main processors. Mediatek MT8173C is a quad core processor that handles multitask high-performance, this means that you will enjoy fast speed with your computer. With this processor, your system will not experience hanging or stuttering, you can handle multiple tasks at once. Powervr GX6250 supports 2D and 3D graphics, this is necessary for efficient design and graphics.

You will enjoy RAM (Random Access Memory) size of 4 Gigabyte and ROM (Read Only Memory) size of 32 GB eMMC. With this RAM size, you can enjoy smooth-running applications in your PC, the 4 GB RAM allows you to run applications without interruption. The internal storage has a fixed storage of 32 GB, this means you that you have access to few software and videos. This limited space is necessary for fast and optimal performance of the CPU. If you need a portable laptop for fast and easy projects, this Chromebook is recommended for you.

Laptops come in different sizes and qualities, your choice depends on the task you want to do with the laptop. Chromebooks are portable laptops that are fast and efficient, and used for projects by students, businessmen, children and everybody. Lenovo Chromebook is produced to satisfy your need for efficient works, they are easily transported. They offer you standard HD display, good screen size, fast processors and good storage capacity. If you need an affordable and quality Chromebook, this Lenovo product will be recommended for you, and you can make online order.

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