PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Casual Plaid Sleeveless Ruffle Sundress

PRETTYGARDEN is a known clothing brand that specializes in women and men’s clothing with close attention being paid to fashion trends. The Women’s Casual Plaid Sleeveless Ruffle dress is among the great fashion items that can be bought with just over $31 in the online market. A unique feature is the dress has pockets attached on either side that gives ladies the chance to carry portable stuff like phones without necessarily needing a purse. It comes in several sizes that meet customer demands by ensuring a beautiful look that matches the body shapes of every individual.

With a large percentage of cotton fabric that amounts to 65%, the dress provides warmth for its users and the 35% polyester content gives it a durability quality as environmental factors wouldn’t affect the aging of the product. Having a round neck-A line enables users to easily fit their heads above the dress leaving room for establishing a tight fit for users who prefer fitting their dresses. This dress allows for button closure in case you find it too tight and this is great for adjustments that could be caused due to the growing nature of the body.

The A-line shape ensures comfortable wearing and reduces sweating as the air spaces around the neck and hand openings provide cooling whenever body temperature rises or when out in the sun on a very hot day. This simple design makes it a guaranteed sale as most customers don’t have to be picky as it takes into consideration any type of figure. The checked patterns that come in different colors fit the fashion trends enabling the wearer to match the cloth easily with the other clothes and shoes in their closets. Having a light touch makes this dress the perfect cloth during the summer.

This dress has a classic collar in the sense of a round neck area, and the overall length allows the ladies to free their legs and showcase their beauty. For a mini short dress, the manufacturer does well in crafting a dress that can fit many occasions that include parties and even beach vacations. The plaid print is enough to cushion photo shoots by easily adapting to the background and making the picture quality to manifest even with a low-quality camera. For its price, the dress brings a hard bargain as its simple nature can be overwhelming compared to the price tag that is slapped on it.

Online markets deliver the product to home addresses, and overseas as a little shipping fee is added to take care of the export. PRETTYGARDEN has proven to be a trusted and reliable clothing line that releases simple wear with fewer graffiti written on that allows users to fit into any environment. An additional audience that can appreciate the dress includes pregnant women who are considered like the dress expands around the midsection thereby accommodating their growing fetus. The brand does justice to the fashion industry by adapting to the trends while at the same time keeping in touch with a classical look.

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