Prevent Floor Injuries with BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

A single mother living down the street has a 4-year old daughter, Alice, who loves to play with her cat, Nana. Three weeks ago, Alice was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose injury she sustained while playing catch with Nana. She jumped up to get the ball before Nana did, and landed on her face. It was a traumatic experience for her mom, who couldn’t stop the tears from coming out. Similar occurrences are experienced daily in different places and since we cannot stop our children from having fun, we can always organize the environment in which they derive such pleasures. Imagine if the floor on which poor Alice and Nana played, was covered with a mat that is capable of preventing such injuries. A thick, flexible, slip-resistant and strong mat like the BalanceFrom puzzle exercise mat, provides the best safety assurance for your flooring considerations.

The BalanceFrom puzzle exercise mat is highly durable because it is made of high-density EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam. It is a 2 cm thick mat that comes in 6 tiles and 12 borders, with each tile measuring a little over 2 square meters. Meaning that in each set you have, when assembled, will cover about 13 square meters. This area can provide enough room for a little child, like Alice and her pet, to play comfortably without any risks of sustaining floor injuries.

It is called a puzzle mat because it is uniquely designed for easy assemblage by simply interlocking the tiles. To assemble a set, each of the tiles is interlocked with the other and the borders are used to enclose it, giving it smooth edges. The interlocks are tight enough so they do not come apart easily when in use. This mat is designed with a patterned surface on one side and a flat surface on the other side. The patterned surface, responsible for its slip resistance, should be the visible part while the flat side should face the floor.

People go for workout sessions at the gym and return home with back, knee and hip injuries. These injuries mostly occur during abdominal exercises because it requires the back-and-forth movement of your upper or lower body, with the hip acting as a pivot. This exercise subjects your waist to constant friction with the gym floor, leading to these injuries. Alternatively, the BalanceFrom puzzle mat prides in its exceptional resilience which maintains your balance throughout any exercise style you undertake. Hence, it is recommended for every gym that prioritizes the safety of its subscribers and it is very comfortable for your yoga exercise. Have you ever complained about the long distance you have to cover before you get to the closest gym? Or you have given up on exercising at home because of the injuries you sustain from the hard floor? The BalanceFrom puzzle mat is also useful for home workout sessions, especially when you cannot go to the gym, because it is easy to assemble and pull apart after use. Therefore, the puzzle mat provides safety as you do your exercises at home while protecting your floors.

You may have been to a gym where the mat looks clean but smells bad. This is because it absorbs the sweat from the body of everyone that uses it, and with time, washing it can hardly get rid of the stench. Also, you may have experienced difficulty in cleaning the playground of your kids after they have littered it with food and liquid items. As a preschool teacher, you are conversant with the difficulty in keeping the floor clean after the kids have spilled their food items on it. Well, these situations will not be a concern to you if you have the BalanceFrom puzzle mat. It is moisture-resistant, which means that it does not absorb liquid, making it easy to wash.

The BalanceFrom puzzle mat is versatile as it can also be used for decorating because it comes in three distinct colors of black, blue and grey. Hence, combining these colors and using them as a center-mat in your living room can be colorful.

The applications of the BalanceFrom puzzle mat are not restricted to homes, schools or gyms because of its versatility and lightweight, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

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