Product Review: 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop

Is the 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad S145 Laptop is surely a laptop to look into? Well, yeah. It’s the latest Lenovo laptop in the market and is designed for ultimate productivity. It has attractive features such as an 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R4, and 1TB Hard Disk Drive, and a 15’6 screen. Its sleek design with light bodyweight makes for a great appearance. This laptop is ideal for everybody and offers good specs for the fair price. Let’s take a look into the amazing features of this Laptop.

An 8th Gen Intel Core i3 processor powers the 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad s145 laptop allows for easy and effective multitasking. The advanced Intel Core is designed to allow the user to work, play, and surf the web with ease. It allows for the opening several windows on the laptop and still maintain the desired speed thanks to this Intel Core. This feature is great for those who are interested in fast speeds.

Besides the Intel core to advance speed, an 8GB also boosts speed. 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad is designed with an 8GB RAM for better storage. This memory serves as storage and allows multitasking at full speed. It also has a 128GB solid-state drive to hold photos, songs, and documents. The main advantage of solid-state drives is their cost-effectiveness and energy-saving abilities. They replace traditional hard drives and are quiet, lighter, and more efficient.

A 15’6 anti-glare screen boosts screen interaction and visual experience for this Lenovo Ideapad laptop. The LCD screen has an HD (1366 x 768) resolution advancing the visual field. In addition, the laptop features a LED-backlight for a thinner and energy-efficient design. The screen boosts video watching experience and screen interaction with an awesome view. This feature is great for boosting video watching experience for video calls, sharing, or movie watching.

One of the main features a user looks in a laptop is the hard disk drive(HDD). This is vital for the storage of items such as songs, photos, and documents. The 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad comes with a 1TB hard disk drive for system files storage. This space is adequate for users to store and save their memories and experiences. A vast HDD allows the laptop to be favorable with office workers and gamers. Users can download movies, videos, and other material from the internet for later use.

Fast CPU speed is another great feature of the 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad laptop. The APU A6-9225 CPU has a speed of up to 3.0 GHz. This means boosted speed during surfing, program interaction, and reaction to commands. It allows programs to operate at optimum speed, making work output fast and precise. Good speeds minimize overheating of the laptop and mean less damage is done to the battery. This translates into longer battery life for your Lenovo IdeaPad laptop.

Lenovo IdeaPad 2020 Premium comes already preinstalled with a Windows 10 Home Operating System. This saves buyers the extra cost of buying and installing the operating system. It is the latest version of Windows OS, which means the laptop is updated with the latest features. This also means the laptop is ready for use immediately after purchase. It is a complete package and ideal for use even for less technology-oriented persons.

Other features include 2 USB 3 ports and 1 USB 2 port for fast data transfers and Bluetooth for wireless standard communication. In addition, it also has a webcam and HDMI, CPU AMD Radeon R4 graphic card.

This laptop is perfect for use by everybody, not just Lenovo brand lovers. With its fast speed, the sleek look, and light bodyweight, it is good for use by anyone. Lenovo has designed this laptop to fit anyone with a good eye for functionality and fashion. Those with an older version of Lenovo Ideapad can also upgrade to this version for a better experience. The laptop is ideal for workers, gamers, and programmers just a name a few. With boosted speeds and functionality, heavy laptop users can use this laptop due to its great CPU.

The laptop is a good purchase, with great features offered for a fair price. This 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad is designed to give the right output for all users. It is designed for all-round user satisfaction and never disappoints at all. Get yourself the 2020 Premium Lenovo IdeaPad laptop now for an amazing and satisfactory experience.

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