Pyrex 6017471 Simply Store 3-Cup Rectangular Glass Food Storage Dish, 2-Piece, blue lid

Food Storage Dish.

When it comes to food it is always serious, you need to stay keen to ensure you are having the right meal at the right time. Looking at the history of man, you will realize that even the so-called, ‘The Early Man’ used to garner food through hunting and gathering and stored the surplus. In those days, pots and other equipment were important tools as long as food storage was concerned. Since then, food storing culture is bound to humanity and this has seen a man using freezers, fridges, hot pots and food storage dishes to store food for future consumption.

Even though food storage has turned out as a culture to mankind, it has different levels. Nations store tons of foodstuffs in silos to ensure there is food security in the state. However, it does not end with that, people will always have food reserves in their homes. At this level, food stores and other bigger food storing facilities are used to keep foodstuffs. Still, this is not the lowest level of food storage as cooked meals find their way into food storage dishes. This has made cooked food more portable as handbags and cars can carry making it available for consumption at other places away from the kitchen.

Why you need the Pyrex food storage dish?

Pyrex 6017471 Simply Store 3-Cup comes in two pieces of units both with plastic lids. These rectangular food storage dishes have been purposely manufactured to give you the best experience when it comes to food. Looking at the Pyrex materials used to make these dishes, it assures you a long service life from the product. This is because breakage due to the exposure to heat or cold will not occur due to the low thermal expansivity of borosilicate used to make the Pyrex glass. All this is possible because rapid heating and cooling of the Pyrex glass will not cause rapid expansion and contraction giving no chance for a crack to develop.

Pyrex glass food storage dish is made hard through a process called tempering. This hardness enhancing process is done to see that your food storage dish serves you for a long time without breaking. Your worries about the dish shattering when cleaned in dishwasher have come to an end as you will never experience it with Pyrex Glass Food Storage Dish. Having this ability to endure rigors of dishwashers, still, it will withstand the heat of a microwave.

It is high time you forget about the disgusting scent in your food caused by the odors retained from the previous meals used on utensils. Goodbye to the annoyance and embarrassments you have been getting from your guests and clients after serving them meals with foreign odors. The foreign smell is caused by the porosity of some materials like plastic that make most of the food utensils. Such porous materials retain food pigments, colors, and odors and these get into subsequent meals causing the foreign smells in food. The non-porous Pyrex glass not only prevents the absorption of bad odors and colors that contaminate your meals but also, they make the dish easy to clean.

You might be thinking where you will be safely keeping your microwave and oven safe food containers. Designers of this magnificent product kept your concerns about cupboard space in their minds. The two pieces of food storage dish come in two different sizes making the smaller dish fit into the bigger one hence taking lesser storage space.

To prevent your food from contamination, both containers have blue BPA-free lids. Other than covering your food and retaining the warmth, it will also cushion your health from problems caused by bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in most plastics.

Who needs the dishes?

With no worries about your food losing its flavor, you can comfortably use the food storage dishes to keep your various kinds of food. You can assign the smaller dish to store small stuff like salads, fresh veggies and at some point, snacks. The bigger glass dish with a capacity equal to three cups can be used for storing main dishes and fries.

Having all these aforementioned features, indeed the Pyrex 6017471 Rectangular Food Storage Dish is a requirement for those who carry food to work and some students. Travelers and hikers need these food storage dishes to carry with them some food. In simple terms, this is a must-have for cooks, bakers, and chefs in kitchens both at home and in restaurants.

The final Word.

With the superior performance, high durability and reliability, the food storage dish plus the lids have a two-year warranty. Going at a very affordable price, this is indeed a good purchase.

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