Review Magnetic Dry Erase Refrigerator Calendar – Monthly Calender and Today List, Fridge Whiteboard with Back Magnet – Color Planner White Board

Being a mother, wife and having a job or business on the side can be tasking. Take Amy for instance, a mother of three, wife and freelancer; she has to keep tabs with birthdays, anniversaries and school events. Some times, she tends to forget events or her kids’ birthdays and other time she thinks that a personal assistant can be handy to help be effective with her different roles. Are you thinking of the personal assistance that is cheap and effective? Think of the Magnetic Dry-Erase Refrigerator Calendar.

This product can serve as a calendar and a to-do list for the user. The to-do list can stand beside the 6 weeks calendar; the list can serve as a schedule log to keep track of chores or errands to achieve during the week or day. For goal driven moms; she can set monthly goal like books to read before month end or amount of money to save in the month etc. The 6 weeks calendar helps you capture the entire days of the month and gives room to for you to keep tabs of appointments, your children birthdays, anniversaries or appointment. With this new personal assistance, one thing is certain you never get to forget errands or events.

What does this product design offer you? The magnetic design of this product makes it easy to stick on any magnetic appliance in your kitchen like your refrigerators or microwave etc. You don’t need to worry about the item sliding down because it sticks firmly to all magnetic surfaces. The calendar is designed that each day comes in different or unique color and can be viewed at glance. Therefore, from any corner of your kitchen, you get a detail capture on the day’s schedule. It’s boxes were designed to be wide enough, giving user a large writing area to avoid confusion or mixing up events.

The Magnetic Dry-Erase Refrigerator Calendar has a surface that is made of PET material. This PET material is made of hydrocarbon content, which makes it easy to wipe off writings without residue ink stains. The technology employed in product’s design makes absolve you from any unnecessary efforts required to clean ink streaks or stains. Calendar and reminder has been printed with a measuring scales mapped in inches and centimeters units and can be adapted for measuring items. Paper layer of the calendar is coated making it thick and durable.

More so, the PET calendar was designed to assist moms but other family members can take advantage of the reminder to be aware. Parents can go further to input instructions or plans to inform kids of errands when parents re away on trips or work. The edges of the calendar are blunt, so, you stick item on your fridge and not worry about edges hurting your kids. That means, this product allows for multiple users and safe to use.

You can opt for a handy personal assistant at home at an affordable price. If you place an order now, you can cash on the 28% slash on the current price of item. Therefore, you can get your desired reminder at a cost-effective price.

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