Razer’s Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a gaming mouse that has a convenient size, with awesome features and available at an affordable price, then the new mini gaming mouse from Razer is the product for you. Razer is a well-known gaming brand and the new mini mouse is its latest product in the market. Available for only £39, the mini mouse presents abundant features for example the 800 DPI sensor, chrome lighting and synapse 3 softwares, and that’s just a sneak peek. Below are a few details on the product and why any gamer should rush and get their hands on this.

First, its design is to die for and almost orgasmic to say the least. Despite being slightly longer than the original version of the gaming mouse, it is 4 mm narrower and as a result giving it a very comfortable feel in a gamer’s palm. The tech also has an astonishing weight of only 61 grams. A mouse this small and this light is a gamer’s dream due to its convenience. It can easily be carried from place to place without causing any fuss. The mouse is also made of hard plastic that gives it a very comfortable and sturdy grip in the gamer’s hand and in case of any accident, it gives the mouse a rather “hard shell”.

Another amazing factor is the signature aggressive lines common in Razer mice. This together with the sleek shape give it a very attractive or rather beautiful shape. It’s lightweight gives it the ability to glide and this in turn minimizes drag and friction during the game. All these physical features are topped by six programmable buttons that are tactical and firm and should provide a good gaming experience. A gamer generally requires concentration to achieve a game’s objectives and move from one level to another. The enhancement on this mini mouse enable the gamer to do just that and in even better ways.

Despite its small size, it’s performance is exemplary and it provides an amazing gaming experience. For starters, the mini mouse is 61g and has well done wired connections and this ensures no latency whatsoever. It is one of the first gaming gears to have the 8500 DIP sensor, different from the 20000 DIP sensor in Basilick ultimate. Given its light nature, this is a huge feature and an amazing addition to any gaming product. The mouse has a compact size that makes it decent for trips or travel as it can simply fit inside a back pack or even a smaller bag and it boasts of being clicky and gives a good break from regular gaming mice that make it feel like someone is using a wet sponge. Generally, it is considered a good gaming product given all these features.

Despite having only two lighting zones, the viper mini has Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting that provides a wonderful gaming experience. The mouse is slick and sharp and it offsets the hard plastic very well, not to mention the Chroma lighting would make any office or room look very appealing. Lower side of the Viper mini mouse looks pretty attractive in lower light situations. This is lighting that many attest is beautiful and very worth it. And was it mentioned that it also has the Razor synapse 3. This provides the gamer with way more programming options. All these factors come together to ensure the player to have better and more effective moves and can even come in handy during competitions.

The Chroma visualizer matches back lighting to any audio or computer. This provides a perfect adaptation to songs with heavy drums and rather heavy bases and clearly enhancing the feel of the game.

The Chroma system allows connections to devices such as the Philips Hue home lights, allowing one to explore gaming experiences beyond the bedroom, game room, office or wherever it is that the gaming happens. It is also worth mentioning that the mini mouse has six programmable buttons that can be played, controlled or tinkered with till the gamer’s satisfaction is achieved.

Razer’s viper mini mouse is definitely a gadget any gamer would be rushing to acquire. It is almost impossible to imagine that all these features can be found in such a small device. For such a low price as £39, get yourself a gaming mini mouse that will most definitely serve your needs for a long period of time. Concerns have been raised however that it may be too small for some gamers’ hands but it is still a bargain that any smart gamer would rush for. Order yours now online on and have it shipped to wherever you are In 48 hours!

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