Rechargeable batteries with 8AA 2AAA NiMH powered cell by Panasonic

Panasonic K-KJ75KHC82A eneloop pro rechargeable battery charger is a high-capacity charger than can charge your devices faster than you can imagine. It is designed with a USB charging port and a plastic storage case. The power pack is packed with series of powerful batteries that you would need to boost your gadgets regularly. It utilizes a Nickel hydride metal batteries which have the capacity to last long. This product has some features that made it unique in the world of power packs. With this power pack, you don’t have problem playing long-lasting games on your mobile phone. It is important to make you perceive the functions that this appliance would give you.

Some features of this power pack would be highlighted for clarity purpose, so that you can understand the functions and benefits that it offers you. It has powerful rechargeable batteries that are made from 8AA and 2AAA batteries. These batteries distribute power levels of 2550mAh and 950mAh with 8AA and 2AAA respectively. AA batteries are cylinder-shaped batteries that are commonly used to power your toys, radio and remote controllers while AAA batteries are similar but smaller than AA battery. This means that you have 8 pieces of AA cells connected to give you 2550mAh current and 2 pieces of AAA that are connected to distribute 950mAh current. With this charger, you can power your mobile phones for some hours without power failure, and recharge the power pack cells over 500 times.

Unlike other rechargeable power pack, this Panasonic eneloop rechargeable batteries are solar charged from the industry, meaning that you can start using the charger immediately after purchase. The product retains 85% of original power for up to a year after purchase, this means that for a year, you can still enjoy almost 100% of the power and charge your devices without the batteries running down. Some rechargeable power pack would lose 50 percent of their ability before a year but this Panasonic product will lose just 15 percent of its strength in a year. This confirms that the rechargeable batteries are durable and can serve you for a long time.

The product is designed with a USB port that enables you to connect your cables and boost your gadgets. Panasonic KJ75KHC82A rechargeable device has led lights that turns on when the AA or AAA batteries are charging. The led light flashes when a non-rechargeable battery is installed in the Panasonic case, this indicates that it’s not charging, and you should remove it. This light turns off when charging is complete, with this lighting system, you don’t need to worry about monitoring the charging progress.

If you want a durable rechargeable power pack, Panasonic would meet your satisfaction with this KKJ75KHC82A device. The product gives you 8 sets of AA batteries and 2 sets of AAA batteries. These batteries are powered with Nickel metal hydride (Nimh) cells, this is essential to supply durable power to you. The price is favorable to you, the qualities are outstanding, and you are sure to acquire an affordable rechargeable battery with powerful qualities.

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