Review 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street Sticker Album with 10 Packs of Stickers

So many people around the globe love the horror theme. From aspiring psychopaths to people that just enjoy the gore and horror. New horror movies have been released recently, increasing the love for the theme. Truth is, no matter how successful these new movies are, they cannot replace the originals. Some even believe the older horror movies are more interesting and scarier than the new ones. Anybody can watch horror movies, except people with cases of epilepsy and heart conditions as these movies tend to spook viewers.

One of these originals is the movie, a nightmare on Elm Street. It all started with a movie and developed into a franchise as the years rolled by. The first and most popular of the franchise is the first installment of the series made in 1984. A nightmare on Elm street tells the story of four teenagers who get killed in their dreams and apparently get killed in real life by the psychopath, Freddy Krueger. Due to the success of the first installment, six sequels and a spin off TV show were created years later and it was also named “One of the greatest horror movies ever made”.

These teenagers lived on the same street in a fictional place situated in Ohio. Freddy Krueger is the major antagonist, a burnt serial killer who always wore a red shirt and bladed glove. This story according to the director and writer, is based on a series of deaths that happened while the victims were asleep after recurring nightmares in Los Angeles.

Born Fredrick Charles Krueger, Freddy Krueger was burnt alive by the citizen of springwood in 1968 for crimes he did not commit. Years later, he appears in a burnt, undead form to kill and terrorize the new citizens of springwood. The 1984 installation tells the story of Nancy Thompson, a teenager living in Springwood and her friends who also live in the same place. Tina, Nancy’s friend was the first victim of the slashing killer, Freddy Krueger. She had nightmares about being slashed to death by the kill-crazy lunatic and she actually gets killed.

Rod, who is apparently Tina’s boyfriend, was the next to die in a prison cell after being arrested by Nancy’s dad. Nancy discovered the existence and tries to warn others but to no avail until her boyfriend, Glen gets killed. She then manages to bring Freddy into the real world in order to trap and kill him but she was wrong. It seemed all had ended when Nancy finally turns her back on the killer, ignoring him, not letting her feed on her fear. That was not the end of Freddy Kruger as he still lived and ruined her new fantasy. The movie takes you on a long path of gory killings by this character.

Researchers have proven that horror movies and images are quite beneficial to us as humans. According to them, you can burn up to 200 calories, deal with anxiety, boost brain activity and immunity and release feel-good hormones. These feel good hormones make us feel the same way you feel when you have a crush. Get this product and stay healthy while frequently getting scared.

This product, a nightmare on Elm Street sticker album contains 10 packs of stickers. Every pack contains at least six unique stickers, totaling 60 unused stickers. These stickers have been designed for fans and lovers of the franchise, and the 1984 movie in particular. You can attach them anywhere in your house, office, car and practically any object you own. Comic Images made the product in the 80s to the amusement of fans around the globe. You can have lots of fun and scare by strategically placing them in the right spots with partial lighting around the house. Having fun with this product extends to others; you can as well use the stickers to give your family or friends a good scare.

Proceed to buy this product, as good quality and affordable price are noticed in this product. Not just fans of the franchise have to buy, if you fancy good movies, this is a good product for you. Sticker collectors can also purchase this product to add to their collection. Who wouldn’t want to have Freddy Krueger’s face being the last they see before they sleep?.

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