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Any civilized house you step in currently, you find a television in the living room. Whether it is a lower class, middle class, or high-class household, there is a high chance that there is a television present. It has become more like a necessity in a house, as it is the widest source of entertainment for multiple people. The reason why it has existed for so long and is still relevant is the wide variety of fun obtained. Previously, they just include stations and channels but presently, with the help of the internet and streaming channels, you can watch movies and videos without antennas.

It is no argument that Samsung is one of the leading electronic giants in the market currently. After decades of origin, they have managed to become a household name by providing devices, appliances, and machines that we need in our daily lives. An unpopular information is the fact that this well-known company started as just a trading company in 1938. From a trading company, it has grown to become affiliated with several businesses and ventures including the electronics aspect. Some of their popular products include TVs, Mobile phones, laptops, air-conditioners, and several others. The product is part of their numerous created products that fall under the television category.

Samsung Terrace is a TV that is not your regular average television, a standard viewing device that beats the competition. It features a 4k display granting the viewer the best type of view they could hope for. One extremely distinct feature that makes this fun-machine stand out amongst others is the fact it can be used outdoors. Others are not built with brightness high enough to display full quality when exposed to the sun. However, with the Samsung Terrace TV, you get the full experience with all the colors clearly shown and displayed for your enjoyment pleasure. If desired, the brightness can go up to 2000 nits; this is so bright that you can see even with the sun up. Nevertheless, its exposure to outdoors can lead to accumulation of dust in the TV.

The primary objective of this product, the cover, is to prevent the entry or accumulation of dust in the TV. Apart from TVs, all other electronics and appliances that require electricity are prone to spoilage or destruction when exposed to excess dust. When dust gathers in your device, it could block the vents causing overheating. Hot air is supposed to pass through the vents off your device and cool air is supposed to enter, resulting in proper ventilation. Dust could tamper with the conductivity of your electronics while leading to poor contact in switches and connectors. This is the major reason why you should prevent dust from entering into your television at all cost. Hence, it is the major reason why you should purchase this item as soon as possible.

This product is a dark blue Dust Cover for Terrace TV, which is manufactured by Samsung. It is not a one size fits all type of item, it is strictly for the 140 CM Samsung Terrace TV. Therefore, if you have the other models, you cannot use this item for them as it would not fit perfectly. There are other dust covers compatible with the other versions; this product is for anyone who has this specific TV. When you purchase, keep in mind that the TV is not included in the package, just the cover. Note that there are no other devices attached to this item, just the durable cover for your TV.

A rather important feature of this item is its material; it is made with 100 percent polyester material. This is beneficial in the sense that it does not just protect your TV from dust but from unnecessary scratches and moisture. The polyester fabric is the primary choice over subsequent fabrics in construction of products like this due to its high resistance nature, most especially to moisture and dust. It wicks away any form of moisture so your TV is protected from moisture too. Durability is equally guaranteed with this product owing to the polyester material too. Provided you have a Samsung Terrace TV or you plan to buy one with this specific measurements, this is the best item for you to purchase to ensure long-lasting use of your TV.

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